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The paper "Factors Affecting Brand Preference of Samsung Mobile Phones " is a perfect example of a marketing research paper.   Samsung has established itself as one of the strongest producers of mobile phones across the world. Currently, the company is facing competition from different companies, and for it to remain competitive; it has to understand succinctly, factors affecting its brand preferences. Currently, mobile phones are no longer preserve for the rich, its demands continue to cut across different generations and as such, people go for different brands for different reasons but at least, as Laforet and Chen (2012) put it, there are specific reasons why people would opt for a given brand.

contemporary studies from scholars such as Jang et al. (2008) have noted that Samsung continues to dominate the mobile industry but found that a given brand of the same company will be preferred ahead of another as a result of different factors. From this position, we recognize that though mobile phones transform the way thousands of people operate and do their day to activities, it remains necessary to ascertain reasons why consumers would buy one brand over the other.

This study evaluates this position by critically analyzing factors that affect the brand preference of Samsung mobile phones. Research Hypothesis Presently, mobile phones are having undoubted impacts on people’ s daily lives. These impacts, on the other hand, dictate the type of mobile brand they will buy. Within this context, Samsung is moving from its functional model to a product design model that suits the specific needs of its mobile users. This is therefore quantitative research guided towards determining factors that determine preferences of different mobile brands by Samsung customers within a given location.

The major problems identified concerning the mobile phone brands is to understand or conceptualize the most preferred brands and reasons behind these preferences. As a result, the following are considered as independent variables.



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