Essays on A Song And My Story Coursework

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Black Dahlia The song I choose is Black Dahlia by Hollywood Undead because every time I listen to it I feel a great connection. It is like Hollywood Undead, and I walked in the same shoes and the song practically analysis a past experience. The song explains how two people in a relationship went through a lot together in their daily activities. This song relates to my previous situation where I was in love with a lady and all I could think was her. The girl decided to leave me for another guy who happened to be my best friend and they never thought it was relevant to tell me.

The only way I found out about their relationship was by walking in on them in a restaurant. In ‘Black Dahlia, Hollywood Undead states that the ex-girlfriend is the reason hate fills their heart and tears crowd their eyes. Hollywood Undead are expressing anger and all the frustrations to themselves because they were so naïve in their relationship that they could not realize something was wrong with the girlfriend. It was my heart, my life, my start, but your knife.

This strife, it dies. This life and these lies, lyrics ‘Black Dahlia (Hollywood Undead, 2010). The song is connected to my situation because I did lose not only a girlfriend that day, but also my best friend. I lost the two people I trusted with my secrets and who I thought I could count on. Every time I look at some of my photos, we were either doing this or that with my girlfriend or my best friend. The memories we share can never be forgotten, and they will always be a reminder of the precious things I lost.

The Sorrowful song has been sung for so long that it hurts to remember that they ever loved, lyrics ‘Black Dahlia (Hollywood Undead, 2010). Whenever I listen to this song I feel like I share a great connection. In some cases I end up laughing after remembering all the things we did together and sometimes wishing we could come back together and have a little fun. I wish I could have quit you I wish I never missed you and told you that I loved you, lyrics ‘Black Dahlia (Hollywood Undead, 2010).

The song is, therefore, a sweet reminder of some of the things I am going to face in the future. It prepares me always to expect the best out of people but to be prepared for the worst. Seems like all we had is over now. “You left to rest, and my fears are over now I can leave with my head down, " lyrics ‘Black Dahlia (Hollywood Undead, 2010). Works CitedBowie, David.

"Changes. " Hunky Dory (in italics). RCA, September 13, 2010. MP3.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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