Essays on A Study of the Habits of Full Time and Working Students Research Proposal

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The paper “ A Study of the Habits of Full Time and Working Students” is an exciting variant of the research proposal on human resources. Due to the increase in the level of the economy, there are many strategies that people seek in order to secure a decent living. These strategies include the development of business and seeking employment; all are in the aim of earning at the end of the month and therefore having a decent living. One of the major impacts of the increased economy is the need for young people to secure a job.

The young in today’ s generation have gone to the extent of doing several activities at a go. You find that most of the young who are employed are still in school and are, therefore, required to perform specific operations on the job, and, on the other hand; they are supposed to show impressive performance in school. This is one of the contemporary issues in business because despite being in school, these young people would love to have the experience of being employed and earn their own money.

They will, therefore, seek jobs and begin earning to cater to other needs as the school fees and rent. This might seem quite overworking one’ s brain, but you find that younger and employed people are students in many colleges undertaking either masters or degree programs. Research ProblemThe work environment has become dynamic, complex, and competitive; therefore there is a need to reevaluate the way of doing business, standards, and employee satisfaction. The current business trend underpins success on employee satisfaction. On the other hand, businesses demand to employ competent, young, and skillful employees to work in their businesses.

This is one of the driving forces of many employees who are studying and at the same time working. They are doing so because they want to meet the future demand of the needed workforce; they are upgrading their levels of education in order to create a competitive advantage in their work environment. There should be a concern about the habits of these students who work and study at the same time.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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