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" A successsfull reward strategy is now more pertinent than leadership style in sucessfull Human Ressource Development" “The secret to leading people and living and working with them is found in the space between their ears, ” is a quote from one of the books on leadership. Leadership is therefore, all about training people to think. Leadership is a process of influencing others in a manner to enhance their contributions in realizing group goals (Haslam, 2001, p. 15). There are some leadership models that advocate leadership by principles, servant leadership among others.

Traditionally, leadership models were more concerned with people doing as they are told with no questions (master-servant model). However, leadership has managed to evolve to contemporary perspectives that give allowance to contribution of decisions by followers in organizations. Leaders are made and born. By being born, a leader is able to sharpen their talents through proper training and personal experiences. Leadership can also be situation for example, good war leaders of time do not transcend necessarily to being good peace time leaders. Leaders of any organization maintain the social and organizational environments and therefore, they are able to predict the future success of organizations and individuals (Mumford, 1986, p.

508). The leadership functions include establishment of direction, inspiring, motivating and aligning people in organizations. As a result, they lead the organization to adaptive and dramatic changes in today’s complex, unpredictable and dynamic business environment. Social, moral contracts of employment, psychological and top managerial challenges address outstanding elements of the organizations people, purpose and processes. Human resource is also important as a department in any leading organization because they work together with the leaders in the smooth running of the organizations activities.

The HR also ensures that the leaders have all required resources in leading the organization and educating its employees. Training and motivating its employees is important because it gives them a sense of belonging and assures them of security in times of difficult economic times in the organization. Human resource development is incorporated in leadership models because they relate and have activities incorporated for the success and growth of the organization. Different models of leadership have been applied to organizations in order to come up with one that is competitive and applicable for use in the organization Montana and Charnov, 2008, p.

45). Knowledgeable practitioners, researchers and academicians coincide that leadership as a critical activity of many organizations are not limited to only those individuals holding nominated positions or in possession of traditional titles; motives, styles and competencies of people’s functional behavior in context of situations; but can be learned and experienced by individuals all over the organization in spite of their title or positions; having documented impact on performance of the organization.

Modern organizations need leaders because they have a positive impact on organizations performance and effectiveness; frameworks and models of leadership; and development strategies of leadership. Contemporary models of leadership have incorporated in their tasks, leadership strategies that promote retention of employees in organizations. This has contributed in the growth and expansion of the organization because the welfare of the workforce is considered by their top management (Montana and Charnov, 2008, p. 75).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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