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The paper "Agility Logistic Group" is an outstanding example of an essay on management. The agility logistics group is one of the ‘ well-established’ freight forwarders in the logistics industry. The company has been a significant competitor and contributor to the market. Its services have for instance been recognized as “ efficiency, unmatched personalized services, and integrated logistics” within its geographical scope of operation (Agilitylogistics, p. 1). Its competitiveness has been a result of the company’ s outstanding services to its customers. As a result, it has managed a competitive advantage over its rivals to be recognized in the market, its logistics efficiency award in Brazil is an example.

The company has also established itself as a reliable provider of logistics services. This has been achieved by ensuring the timely delivery of commodities to customers as well as ensuring the safety of the customers’ commodities. This also implies that the company has sufficient personnel to ensure undisrupted transportation and storage of commodities as well as strong management and security teams. Efficiency has also been an integral characteristic of the company to ensure quality services to its customers (Agilitylogistics, p.

1). Another feature of the Agility logistics group is price competitiveness that still allows it a competitive advantage. Though this may have been aimed at countering competition, price competitiveness is advantageous to the industry’ s consumers by ensuring affordable and cost-effective services. The company, therefore, plays a significant role in ensuring that the industry’ s consumers are not overcharged for service delivery. This is because the company drives other service providers to consider the competitiveness of their prices due to competition (Agilitylogistics, p. 1). The company also offers services in different modes of transport that provide a wider range of service delivery that considers the urgency of the commodities to be transported, volume of the goods, and even value.

The availability of a variety of modes of transport also gives consumers the freedom to choose the model that best fits their needs. The company’ s strong management base and human resources also provide ground for its effective contribution to the industry by offering effective and efficient services (Agilitylogistics, p. 1). The agility company has also over the past period, developed a strong global network that facilitates its services.

Its move to deliver personalized services to consumers at competitive prices has for example identified agility logistics as an outstanding service provider. It has with this respect ensured cost-effectiveness and time efficiency to its customers who are saved the trouble of making ‘ follow-ups’ over their products for delivery. The company has also portrayed itself as a dynamic member of the industry that currently requires a transport system that meets customers’ needs at competitive prices (Agilitylogistics, p. 1). Branch argues that an effective global supply chain must exhibit a number of principles.

Cost-effectiveness in “ outsourcing, warehousing, and transportation” as well as the efficiency with respect to the time taken to deliver goods and “ delivery cycles” are examples (Branch, p. 93). These together with other features such as corporation with other stakeholders define an effective and efficient freight forward in a supply chain (Branch, p. 93). Agility logistics offers a variety of services at cost-effective prices. This makes the industry more competitive in services and prices. The company is, therefore, adding value to the industry and facilitating cost-effectiveness in the global supply chain.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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