Essays on Recruitment and Selection, State of Rhode Island Department of Administration Assignment

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The paper "Recruitment and Selection, State of Rhode Island Department of Administration" is an outstanding example of a business assignment. There is a very positive relationship existing between the two connecting fields of recruitment and selection. The human resource department is responsible for ensuring the availability of adequate human resource in the organization.   According to Beardwell & Claydon (2010), decisions that the HR department makes affect the general organization performance. People gave different abilities and organization positions differ in their demand for skills. Selection is, therefore, necessary to determine the most suitable candidate to convey the best performance as the job requires.

Selection in organizations involves putting the right kind of people from a group of applicants on the right kind of job (Ovensik, 2006). The process involves the effective matching of applicants’ skills and/or qualifications with an organization’ s requirements. It is a process involved in recruitment procedures for organizations that involve attracting applicants and screening them for suitability. Selection is then done and qualified persons are absorbed by the organization in the respective area of their qualifications. According to D'Annunzio-Green et al (2004), the two processes are both phases of the employment process practised by the human resource departments in organizations.

The human resource department in an organization is responsible for the general management of a firm’ s workforce. This includes attracting and selecting potential candidates, who are trained as employees, assessed and rewarded while it also manages leadership, culture and compliance to labor and employment laws within the organization.     According to Bhagria (2010), the department has the sole responsibility of ensuring job specifications and duty description is clear to employees.

This paper illustrates the recruitment and selection procedures in the administration department of the state of Rhode Island. The paper also illustrates the identification of staffing requirements in the administration department, the attraction of applicants through newspaper and online advertisement, shortlisting and selection procedures and offers through offer letters.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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