Essays on Expansion of Nokia into Vietnam Report

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The paper “ Expansion of Nokia into Vietnam”   is a   fascinating example of a report on marketing. The report first provides an introduction explaining the factors that would make this expansion favourable. It then conducts a situation analysis through the SWT methodology, weighing between the strengths and weaknesses among others of the country against the climate in Vietnam. Thereafter, the discussion delves into Porter’ s Competitive Forces. The report also investigates the most appropriate market strategy to employ and rounds off with an evaluation of the cultural differences between Vietnam and Finland through Hofstede's cultural analysis.

The report summarily concludes with recommendations Nokia needs to implement in order for it to enjoy success in Vietnam. IntroductionNokia Corporation is undoubtedly one of the leading and most successful telecommunications manufacturing companies in the world. It has a strong brand presence in several markets, and this is particularly so in the mobile phone market. Nokia is the world leader in mobile communications with several of its models such as the Nokia 1100 consistently being the best selling mobile phones. In addition, demand for mobile phones is growing every year and as such, the potential for Nokia’ s expansion into the world is great and there is no better country to realize this expansion than Vietnam. According to (Vietnam Net, 2008), the telecom market in Vietnam is the world’ s highest growing market, growing at an annual average of 25%.

In fact, Vietnam has surpassed such major players like China and Thailand with regards to having the largest percentage of mobile phone users with more than half of the Vietnamese population owning at least one cell phone. In addition, in excess of 10 brands of handsets are sold in the country.

Evidently, Vietnam has a very high potential in the telecom market and it is this potential that Nokia must tap into. The following report will analyze the chances Nokia has if it is to set up a manufacturing plant in Vietnam.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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