Essays on Cultural Diversity and Civilization at A World Not Neatly Divided by Amartya Sen Article

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The paper "Cultural Diversity and Civilization at A World Not Neatly Divided by Amartya Sen" is a delightful example of an article on sociology.   A World Not Neatly Divided is a well-written essay by Amartya Sen in which the has discussed the idea that the world is divided into different cultural diversities and civilizations. Sen has highlighted the fact that this man-made division is made on the basis of culture and civilization which are not the only components on which a separation line can be marked. Every civilization and culture has its roots deeply attached to another one.

To prove his stance, Sen has stated the example of cultural diversity in India with the examples of emperors like Akbar and Aurangzeb. India is a culturally diverse country with different religious groups but still, Muslims are considered as minorities in the region despite their presence in a large number. These man-made divisions are responsible for creating discrimination and hostile attitude towards one another. The process of establishing world peace can be disharmonized if we continued to expand this separation on the basis of different elements.

I agree with the author’ s point that we can come over different conflicts that are based on race, religion, caste and other differences by realizing the fact that nationalism and humanity are fundamental elements in establishing peaceful relations with other neighboring countries. This essay represents an organized approach to the author’ s argumentative points. The author lacks the ability to influence the minds of the readers. According to my classification of people on the basis of different elements always leads to a series of conflicts and issues but we humans tend to do it over and over again.

We cannot classify a person or a nation on the basis of just one element. We need to see how many elements are there which makes a country different and rich in diversity. Here I can relate the example of a country like the United States which holds different cultures and different nationalities and despite this diversity; America has maintained peace and harmony within its society among all the groups. The groups of elements are responsible for the classification however we cannot blame a single component for this separation.

Here we can give the example of America, where bilingualism is considered as an opportunity for the non-English speakers to learn English in order to integrate themselves in American Culture (Robert Gracia). Sometimes, cultural diversity can bring the nations or the groups together to understand each other in a better way and to make their learning from one another.  


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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