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The paper "Airline Simulation" is an outstanding example of a management assignment.   Your first decision in the Airline simulation is to name your company. The name you choose will uniquely identify your team in the industry. It should be descriptive of the mission you envision for your company, but lend itself to future changes in services or products. Identify your service (major purpose or mission). To be the leading Airline Service provider in terms of comfy Brainstorm with your team and come up with possible company names. The airline that provides comfortable flights Comfy Airlines The airline that is affordable Econ Friend Airlines The airline that is client-oriented Customized Airways Named after founders BIZB Airlines Name after the city Sydney Flights Airline that is unique Unique Airlines   Pick the five best and write them on the left of the table below, then rate each one from 1 to5 (low to high) on the criteria in the columns. Name Right Image Distinctive Easy to remember Flexible Overall rating Comfy Airlines 2 4 4 1 11 Econ Friend Airlines 3 3 4 3 13 Customized Airways 4 3 4 3 14 BIZB Airlines 3 2 5 4 14 Unique Airlines 5 4 3 3 15 4.

Are any considerations for rating the names besides the ones given? Which company name did you choose? We are not considering to rate the names other than the rate given above. The Name chosen is Unique airlines.

The name itself is unique and we believe that customers will be eager to know what is unique about the airline thus attract more people.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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