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The paper "Growth Plans of Gower Ltd" is a perfect example of a marketing case study. The aim of this report is to analyze the possible implications of the proposed growth for each of the functional areas of the business. The report also tries to find out the biggest problem the business is likely to face. It explores the production, marketing, organizational and structural changes that will be needed for its growth. It finds out that with proper planning of all the expansion plans and arrangement of financial and human resources, it can reach its target.

It will need to be careful about the regular business review and must adopt a shift in attitude. Shared vision and efficient leadership has been its strength so far and that must be maintained for its growth. Introduction This report will study the growth plans of Gower Ltd. This Business has some special features. This is not very old as it was started in 2005. It does not have a large workforce. It started with two staff and now has six. The production is done on Gower’ s own farms that are three in number.

The marketing is done to special outlets as a premium product. The product range is three flavours of hand fried potato crisps in one pack size. In the first year, Gower’ s Ltd. achieved a turnover of GBP 300,000 and profits of GBP 30,000. They have won a business award for entrepreneurship also. Their target is to reach a turnover of GBP 10m by 2012 and have a staff of 60 by then. Its current turnover is nearly GBP 1m. Methodology The method will be to break down the implications of growth on various aspects of the business and find out the necessary steps that will have to be taken to make the growth possible and then to sustain the growth.

The structure will be: - Review different aspects Draw a conclusion from these aspects Identify problem areas Conclusion Production For reaching a turnover of 10m which is 10 times the current turnover the first and foremost requirement will be an increase in production. Currently, it is utilizing the maximum capacity of its three farms. It is evident that to increase its production, it will have to acquire more farms.

It may have to explore agro-technology to increase its yield per hectare. The production can also be increased by improving processing methods like better storage and faster transportation.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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