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Operations management mainly concerns itself with the activities, decisions made and the responsibilities attached to each and every individual in the managing of the production process and also in the delivery of goods and services (Weeks, 2005). This case study mainly deals with the study of the operations management in four cases. Holloware (case 42)This is a product manufacturing company. This mainly is an example of a company which deals with the transformation of materials to finished goods and products. Its transforming resources are the manufacturing facilities and the staff which are used in this transformation process.

Therefore its transformation process can be represented as below. Transformed Resources. Environment. Materials GoodsIts operation performance measures includeQuality-The quality should mainly be determined by use of products and services. In terms of products, the company puts so much emphasis on the quality of the prestige products (Benner, & Tushman, 2002). The prestige products they produce should be able to meet customer’s needs. Their quality is assessed in terms of the returns from the customers and also inspecting the products before they are distributed to the consumers. Flexibility- The Company manufactures only one type of product and they do not have a wide variety of services.

Therefore they cannot be able to change. Dependability-The delivery is not dependable because there is a high customer’s contact, production and consumption are simultaneous and therefore the quality is difficult to judge. This is not supposed to be so especially to a factory producing pure or tangible goods. The products should have a low customer contact and the production should precede consumption. The quality should also be evident. Cost- The cost mainly depends on the percentage of the Turnover and also the percentage of the profit (Bielski, 2001, Bielski, 2004).

This shows that the cost is usually facilitated depending on the turnover and also depending on the profit realized. This is not really a good way of determining the cost because, in order for the company to perform well, the cost of doing things should be totally cheap and should not depend entirely on other external factors. Speed- The speed the company used to reach the final consumer is very long. This is mainly indicated by the simultaneity and the customer contact.

The simultaneity is mainly indicated by the way the product is produced. Since this is a pure good the production should precede the consumption and also should have a low customer contact. The characteristic of its operations are as follows: Volume: The volume is very low because of the low process capabilities which are mainly as a result of materials used, the machinery used in the processing, the labor used layout and materials handling and also the work organization. The low volume experienced results to low repetition; each staff will perform more of the tasks than they are capable of.

This leads to high systemization and a high unit costs. VarietyThe variety of the products they manufacture is very low because they only deal in the manufacture of prestige products. The routine manufacture of this product also leads to low unit costs.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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