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Abstract The hospitality industry is a sector that has received plenty of attention in the recent past and that more research is also being carried out in order to ascertain the needs of this lucrative industry. Businesses in this industry have fetched a lot of revenue and foreign exchange because of the needs of humankind at the moment that centre mostly on leisure, food and accommodation. More people are moving around the world in search of education, to set up their companies through globalization, to study, for tourism purposes etc. hence the needs to tap the money used for such requirements through the hospitality industry is evident.

One of the ways of taping these proceeds is through the development of good restaurants for both leisure and accommodation purposes. In the UK, for example, there are many Chinese restaurants promoting the Chinese culture and providing the necessities of the Chinese nationals visiting the UK for varied reasons. One of them is the Hakkasan restaurant situated in London that serves Chinese delicacies, provides accommodation, conference facilities, among other thingsA critical investigation into the nature and characteristic of Hakkasan Restaurant located in West End, London, United Kingdom1.0 Introduction According to Pfeifer 1983, hospitality can be defined as the ability of an organization to offer basic needs to clients while they are away form their homes with a view to satisfying their needs as human beings in terms of food, shelter and entertainment.

The hospitality industry has been one of the best contributors to the economy of the world despite the setbacks that it has undergone for quite some time now. The most notable sector of the hospitality industry is hotel and restaurants where many tourists and locals take time in when they are free and would want to have a cool time at.

2.0 MethodologyIn order to understand the operations for this hospitality industry type, the researcher will be able to utilize secondary methods of research to get information regarding the Chinese restaurants, their services, facilities, marketing strategies, promotions etc. Most of the information will come from works of other researchers that have analyzed the way Chinese restaurants have flared up in the UK and other parts of the world.

It will particularly involve the use of online journals, interne sources and newspaper/magazine reports on this type of hospitality industry type. 3.0 Main analysis3.1 About the company-Hakkasan restaurantHakkasan in one of the leading Chinese restaurants in UK located in the West End of London. It is considered a stylish state-of-the-art restaurant that provides services to the many Asian nationals in the UK and generally the Chinese who are working, studying, living or visiting the country. Hakkasan restaurant was set up in 2001 as a premier resort for Chinese nationals in the UK to offer both accommodation and other services that relate to the Chinese traditions and culture.

The Hakkasan restaurant was specifically designed and modelled by a French designer who placed a lot of emphasize on the display of the Chinese culture through the restaurant. He particularly fused traditional Chinese decoration with modern aesthetic features to give it the flavour it is required. The restaurant is owned by Alan Yau who also owns many more Chinese restaurants including yauatcha restaurant in UK.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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