Essays on Manchester City as a Potential Market for a Rent-a-Bike Scheme in the UK Case Study

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The paper 'Manchester City as a Potential Market for a Rent-a-Bike Scheme in the UK" is a good example of a marketing case study. Universal proceedings and competition affect approximately all contemporary businesses and organizations are more and more facing confrontations as a result of the ever-altering external and internal business environments. The financial and political connections concerning the movement of funds, goods, and persons across state boundaries jointly with ideas and principles have augmented the speed of change, vagueness, indecision, and unpredictability. For firms to stay competitive and global in scope as well as escalating their financial foundations they require to go onboard on market entry schemes that will augment high-quality results in terms of discovering new and suitable markets.

(Allard, 2005) The UK city selected by the OYBike Company to market the rent-a-bike scheme in Manchester city which is regarded to be among the biggest cities in the U. K. Therefore OYBike Company will not face any problems during its business transactions because the city is considered to be globalized. According to the latest research the U. K is considered to be among countries where bikes sales can pick up within a very short time since the residents are reportedly said to like riding particularly in Manchester city. The first-class economy, steady exchange rates, supple import duties, improved trade tariffs and further significantly a good business environment are aspects that support international marketing activities in Manchester.

Through the concept of globalization, the U. K particularly London and Manchester cities take pleasure in the benefits connected with economic policies put in place by the European countries since they have embraced the concept of globalization. For these reasons, therefore, OYBike Company may not experience a lot of problems in form of business or trade regulations while introducing the rent a bike scheme in Manchester since fewer economic rules and systems will be faced by the company unlike if the investment could have been done in other countries.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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