Essays on The Famous Accidents and Catastrophe in History Assignment

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The paper "The Famous Accidents and Catastrophe in History" is a perfect example of a finance and accounting assignment. An accident  is basically an incident that is unexpected, unusual or happens at a specific time or place. An accident basically happens without obvious cause but marked great effects. There are many kinds of an accident like a car accident, plane crash etc. by having an accident analysis we came to know that the cause or the incident may be of the different or same kind. There is almost hundred of accident occurs on daily bases in all around the world.

On the catastrophes is a terrible disaster or accident which especially one that leads to the great loss of life. It is a sudden change and violent change in the earth’ s crust caused by an earthquake, flood, or any other natural process. Talking about the nature of accident or catastrophe they are sudden or just happened accidentally but they become the cause of death and injuries of many people around the world. Most of this accident and catastrophe also become a cause of significant property damage.

The most common disasters are earthquake, floods, hurricanes etc. tsunamis, landslides are the ones which is ranked among the most popular natural forces who become the cause of these disasters. It is not like that, that all the disaster is just because of forced nature there are many other things like in modern side it also includes the accident of carrying aeroplanes, ships, rails etc. then also the fire explosion or fire catch the home or building also become the cause of that disaster. Now the act of war and terror also become the cause of that destruction.

All the terror activities are intentional rather than accidental. Any accident or damage which is not caused by any human intervention or due to its negligence likes floods, these are such problems on which human had no control and for that, no person will be held responsible for the loss or injuries to any human. The famous accidents and catastrophe in history: There was a crash of a plane in pan Am flight 103 which is considered one of the worst disasters in history.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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