Essays on Accountability Or Oversight Assignment

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Accountability in Saudi ArabiaThe question of accountability has elicited varying reactions from various people. Whereas some people welcome it as a way of proving their infallibility, others fear it because it is likely to expose them to scrutiny, and their shortcomings punished. Accountability in the Saudi Arabia Army refers to being accountable or answerable for your actions, and for being late. This is a very important requirement for those working in Saudi army. Accountability is important in Saudi government because, lots of resources have been invested in the training, and development of the armed forces.

It is therefore mandatory for a superior to be able to account for all the human resources he is in charge of. He must ensure that all of them are safe wherever they are, especially when there is a disaster. Similarly, the Saudi government has invested heavily in military, soft and hardware, for which an officer must be responsible (Cordesman 106). Accountability in terms of time management is also important. The security situation in Saudi Arabia and other places with Saudi Arabia’s interests, is so unpredictable that an officer needs to respond fast when need arises.

A superior should be able to keep track of the officers under his command. An officer must also account for the work done, when he was on duty. An officer also needs to be accountable for the finance and documents given to them in their performance of duty (Braith 222). If an officer fails to make it to an appointed place of duty, the plans of the army are interfered with. There will therefore be the need to redraw the plans to get somebody to replace the late officer.

The military officers will also be forced to find out, why one of them is missing; to be sure he is not in danger. The seniors will also be affected because the regulations demand that they account for all their subordinates. When one delays in an assignment, they have to make a report as a sign of accountability. If the subordinate is the one who delayed, he will have to be disciplined for his lateness (Solomon 218). An officer who misses to be at an appointed place, has breached the requirement of accountability, and is subject to punishment.

Since it is a minor offence, the officer may be handed a Non-judicial Punishment (NJP) such as a reprimand, or get held in custody for seven days for correctional purposes. The officer may also suffer seven days salary forfeiture, or face a grade reduction. The law also requires such a minor offender to perform extra duties. There are many other similar applicable measures commensurate with the offence. “All these are aimed at instilling discipline and accountability in the Saudi Arabia military”. From the discourse above, it is true that the Saudi Army demands a lot of accountability from the soldier’s, right from the top to the bottom.

To ensure discipline and compliance to this requirement, especially as regards sticking to performance of duty, some regulations have been put in place to deter lack of accountability among officers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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