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References: 14Google Company1.0 OverviewGoogle Company is one of the leading multinational corporations that are highly reputed because of its reliable services in the market. It has invested in internet search, promoting, advertising, and cloud computing technologies (Goodman, 2008, p. 320). Two PhD students of Stanford University in 19th August, 2004 founded it. This was the time initial public offer was launched in the market. The two students, who founded it and privately incorporated on 4th September, 1998 were Sergey Brin and Larry Page. They are often dubbed as Google guys because they are the founders of software that is globally recognized (Girard, 2009, p.

125). The company has not only competent management team but, also qualified, committed, and determined. The two founders are the top managers and major decision makers and strategy formulators. Sergey Brin is the president while Larry Page is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the technology (Drury, 2007, p. 633). Due to their management and leadership skills, the company has gain competitive advantage in the market. In addition, it has employed more than 20000 employees globally, who are experienced, qualified, dedicated, committed, and determined in achieving the set goals and objectives of the company (Dubrin, 2011, p.

472). They all discharge their duties professionally in order to meet the needs and expectations of the stakeholders or the users in the market. Furthermore, it has committed and dedicated board of directors, who work for the success of the company in the industry full of competitors (Goodman, 2008, p. 325). The mission statement of the company is its pillar that has made it achieve its goals and objectives. Its mission statement is to ensure there accurate world information that is reliable, accessible, useful, and universally acceptable globally.

The main focus and goal of the founders of the company was to become a leading firm in the information technology industry globally. Without doubt and prejudice, it has proven its capability and potentiality in the market. According to the research conducted recently in United States of America, it is one of fastest, largest, and leading technologies company in the world. It has the largest market share and customer base in the industry because it the leading and dominating engine industry (Girard, 2009, p.

127). The company has gain success and growth because of its consistent and reliable advertising revenues or return. Research is core in the company on how to improve services and products in the market. In addition, it offers adverts that related to the content of the web page that is provided (Drury, 2007, p. 636). There are variety of free products and services offered by the Google Company ranging from myriad of free search services to Google Map to services available for use in mobile phones.

These services have attracted millions of users of the Google websites materials daily. Advertising is one of the leading incomes because it provides consistent flow of revenue to the company. Many companies advertised their products and services through Google company’s websites and are charged (Girard, 2009, p. 129). Performance of the company is measured based on economic and financial growth. There has been significant economic of the company in the last five years because of the improved stock prices in the market.

The prices has hit the $500 and has been rising rapidly; hence, attracting more shareholders. The Google stock market value has been high reaching the highest point ever of $504.77. This is based on the free cash flows that have led to slightly overvalued stocks by 0.4% in the stock market. The Google stock prices have been ranging between $32 and $100 per share depending on market demand and supply (Goodman, 2008, p. 332).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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