Essays on Accounting and Financial Management - Aramex Company Case Study

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The paper "Accounting and Financial Management - Aramex Company " is a perfect example of a finance and accounting case study. Aramex Company is listed among the leading company that is serving around the world giving a solution to transfer and deliver goods in different regions. Aramex got into line in 1982. It was found by Fadi Ghandour and the chief executive officer was Hussein Hachem. It was recognized among the companies that are working as a courier. Their work with the commitment made it acknowledged around the globe in no time.

Aramex started in 1982 and in 1997, it became one of the Arabian companies that were trading on the NASDAQ. Later, it changed into a private company. From the start, till now it has flourished a lot. No, as such decline has been encountered in the company rather a continuous growth is seen. Aramex has not limited itself to one specific region in fact it has grown its market and customers. It has adopted many new strategies that can have incorporated features customers demanded the most. Steps were taken by the company so that the company can be expanded in Asian and African regions.

More and more opportunities were explored to strengthen the position of Aramex in world markets. According to its annual report, more than 14000 are working as employees in different regions of the world. Special training programs have been resulted to be very fruitful for the employees. Training has helped in better attaining of goals and reaches the high growth level that they can. Aramex lies among the companies in Dubai financial market. This led to a rapid increase in the number of stakeholders.

It was due to providing a wide range of services with quality preference. Its services include: Integrated Logistics Solutions, International and Domestic Express Delivery, Freight Forwarding, Secure Records Catalog service Information Management Solutions, E-Services: E-Business Solutions Shop and Ship. Still, the company is working day and night so that it can give the best and can do innovations of new products so its customer ship can be expanded. The revenues of Aramex in 2015 were 3837 million. This was about 5% more than that in the previous year, 2014.


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