Essays on Realtor8 - Business Strategy and Organizational Structure Case Study

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The paper “ Realtor8 - Business Strategy and Organizational Structure ” is a   forceful example of a case study on management. The division  of work with any organization provides an excellent means for achieving the company objectives. Coordination of the different work units also empowers the company to keep track of business processes. Organizational structure is defined as the way in which a firm groups its employees together to enhance activities, people, and resources coordination thus allowing it to have control and manage its operations. This report using 8Common Ltd provides a superb discussion of the organization's structure.

8Common Ltd is an Australian Company headquartered in Sydney, and it is tasked with developing and distributing software solutions. In this regard, the report discusses company background, business strategy, and organizational structure. Company Background8Common Ltd is an Australian company that develops and distributes software solutions. The Company offers Expense8 which is an essential tool in the management of corporate and travel expenses; and Realtor8 which is a web-based tool that allows and helps real estate agents to develop/build and maintain their websites. 8Common Ltd offers its software solutions on software as a service basis (SaaS). Expense8 is a Travel and Expense management software solution tasked with managing and streamlining end-to-end processing of expenses generated by employees.

This software solution allows for proper and easy client administration of expenses charged to corporate credit cards. Given this knowledge, Expense8 superbly enhances tax compliance, reporting, accounting, internal control, and overall governance of expenses generated by employees. Business Information Service (NSW) Pty Ltd (BIS) is one of the companies under 8Common Group and it was initially tasked with providing Travel and Expense management solutions.

By launching the Expense8, the company provides end-to-end tracking, payment, and authorization of expenses generated by employees. Expense8 is currently used in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the United Kingdom.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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