Essays on Hangers Cleaners Competitive Advantage, Mission, Strategic Planning Case Study

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The paper 'Hangers Cleaners Competitive Advantage, Mission, Strategic Planning" is a good example of a business case study.   Hangers Cleaners  of Kansas City is an environmentally safe dry cleaner that employs the colourless, odourless liquid carbon dioxide rather destructive chemicals used under the old dry cleaners. Hanger dry cleaner is participating, in which it involves the communities in that the company was placed as an integral member of the society and partners with local business as well as charities, collecting from as well as supplying to their office which introduced hanger dry cleaners’ to many workers bypassing the expense of the old media. 2.

Compared to other companies in the dry cleaning industry, what is Hangers Cleaners’ mission? The mission of the company is to ensure that it becomes a leading dry cleaning company that is eco-friendly across the country. The company strategy is to ensure that provides customer loyalty in terms of price fairness, quality services and community involvement in the business operations. 4. What do you think would be Hangers Cleaners’ Key Success Factors (KSFs)? You should identify and explain at least six KSFs. The company focus on customer satisfaction The price of the product and services at Hanger's dry cleaners is favourable The company focus on Eco-friendly business The company consider customer loyalty and hence, appreciates feedback which makes it improves the business operations There is the culture of tight-knit culture of service and accountability 5.

How MAS tools and techniques would be to Hangers Cleaner Strategic planning Strategic planning is an important tool to the company since it will in planning for the company future growth as well as identifying areas that would company focus in order to ensure that the business remains viable in the market ion the future.

As a result, strategic planning, ensure that the company adheres to the set policy statement in its daily operations as well as understanding the future business situation at present and making the right investment alternatives. Budgeting Budget is a financial forecasting tool that will help the company in stick to the set budget standards prepared. The importance of budget to the company is that there will be no unnecessary cost or spending since, the company will be operating under the controlled budget which in turn, would lead to an analysis of current business performance and budget estimates at the close of the financial period and provide investment decision on the how the business is operating as well as Ares that need improvement.

In performance-based budgeting, an ideal investment decision here is to appraise the production line on the basis of the contribution it generates since, an investment decision on whether to discontinue a production is on the basis of the positive or negative contribution it generates hence, and fixed cost is relevant in making an investment decision. Flexible Budgeting A flexible budget is important to Hanger's dry cleaner due to the fact.

It ensures that that company is operating well at the times of financial emergence which provides that, a company make adjustments to source finance or consider other financial options in ensuring that the business operation is effective throughout the financial period. To minimize the cost to the business, the company is committed to ensuring that only relevant cost is incurred. This is made possible by following the flexible budget employed by the company so as to avoid the unnecessary cost to the company.



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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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