Essays on Financial Statement Analysis Issues Assignment

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The paper "Financial Statement Analysis Issues" is an outstanding example of a finance and accounting assignment. Your studies of accrual accounting are a good example of the knowledge and skills that you have been developing. You developed technical knowledge of accrual accounting from topic 4 onwards. You developed theoretical knowledge of some accounting concepts which interact with accrual accounting and you integrated both areas of knowledge. You also exercised and demonstrated judgement, and critically applied your knowledge and skills when determining if adjusting entries were necessary. This is an example of the knowledge and skills which are learning outcomes of Bachelor accounting and business programs.

Learning outcomes are what graduates are expected to know, understand and be able to do as a result of learning. Importantly, business and the professions were consulted during the design of the learning outcomes. Thus, they give us vital insights into the knowledge and skills that business and the professions want graduates to possess. This assignment is designed to further develop your knowledge and skills. Theoretical and technical knowledge, and the skill to integrate these interrelated areas of knowledge, is highly valued by the employers of graduates. Employers of graduates also value: the skill to be able to exercise judgement under supervision to solve routine accounting problems, and the ability to critically apply theoretical and technical knowledge and skills to solve routine accounting problems. Please keep these learning outcomes in mind as you work on the assignment and remember that this knowledge and skills are important to employers. Communication skills.

The assignment is also designed to develop your communication skills. The importance of communication skills in professions and careers in business cannot be underestimated.

While the ability to justify and communicate accounting advice and ideas is a learning outcome of graduates of Bachelor accounting programs, communication skills are equally valuable in all Bachelor business programs. Indeed, communication skills consistently rank as the most or one of the most important skills that employers consider when they employ graduates. The following three aspects of your written communication skills development will also be assessed in this assignment to a maximum of 15 marks: Paraphrasing, Being relevant and the art of selection, and An introduction to writing for a professional business audience. Please refer to the resource ‘ Written Communication Skills in AFB’ on the course Learn online page.

It has information about the three aspects of your written communication skills development and links to accompanying resources that will assist you to develop your skills. Parts of An introduction to writing for a professional business audience are particularly relevant to your work on Question 3 in the assignment. As you use the resources and apply them in your assignment, remember that the finest communicators are constantly developing their skills, based on experience and observing other communicators.

Nonetheless, your studies are the perfect time to start working on these skills and appreciating their importance in business careers and professions. Sources: Hancock, P., Freeman, M. and Associates. (2010), Graduate Careers Australia (graduatecareers. com. au) and Achievement Matters (achievementmatters. com. au).



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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