Essays on Importance of Scheduling the Deliverables to the Success of a Project Assignment

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The paper "Importance of Scheduling the Deliverables to the Success of a Project" is a perfect example of a business assignment. Deliverables (systems functions) are a set of specific outputs, which can either be qualitative or quantitative, that are to be attained by a project. The practice of scheduling the deliverables (systems functions) in order to make a project successful is very significant. One of the basic reasons is that scheduling assists in outlining the duration in which each activity within a specific deliverable is to take place. Wirick, (96) highlights that the time constraints of a project may be identified earlier, however, this does not imply that the identified deliverables for the project can be completed within the time constrain identified, as a result, scheduling is vital.

For instance, as outlined by the case study, the Brazilian Secretary of Treasury had a schedule for 7 months for the SIAFI system project which become functional after six months. As a result due to effective scheduling, the project was completed even prior to the outlined time. Scheduling deliverables also facilitates the identification of the correct order in which the activities leading to a particular deliverable are to be performed.

This further assists in knowing when one is off the track. The schedule acts as a roadmap that directs an individual from point B to point C. By having a correct order in which activities are to be executed, achieving the deliverables is effectively undertaken without getting out of track (Wirick, 96). Scheduling the deliverables is also essential because it facilitates effective resource planning. An accurate schedule of deliverables results in proper resource planning. Wirick, (97), highlights that human resource can be termed as one of the most essential resources for any particular project, thus when deliverables are effectively scheduled, the human resource outlined for the project will be able to perform their roles effectively, as outlined by the schedule.

For instance, for the SIAFI project, the role of auditors was to undertake online control of transactions and if possible stop payments that were undue.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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