Essays on Accounting Software Installation Case Study

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The paper " Accounting Software Installation" Is a wonderful example of a Management Case Study. The success of any project depends on the way the participants perform the planning, implementation, and evaluation phases. While there are several ingredients that contribute to project success, key factors include collaboration, proper communication, and effective leadership. This report intends to reflect on the strengths of the planning process in the project case study under examination. Additionally, the report will examine the challenges that threatened the success of the project implementation exercise. It will also discuss the actions that the participants should have taken to ensure that the implementation phase was as smooth as the planning process. Introduction According to “ Kuen, Zailani, and Fernando (2009, p. 16), “ Project mission, top management support, client consultation, technical task, personnel competency, client acceptance, troubleshooting, project plan monitoring, and effective communication are among the critical factors identified. ” The case on the installation of accounting software reveals that the implementation phase was not as smooth as the planning stage.

The reader notes that ineffective communication, lack of teamwork, and poor leadership hampered project execution. The success of the planning phase The case study reveals some strengths of the project planning process.

There were a collaboration, proper communication, and effective leadership in this phase. Collaboration Collaboration is essential to the effective execution of a project. According to Yang, Huang, and Wu (2011, p. 258), “ Teamwork exhibits statistically significant influence on project performance. ” Teamwork exhibits statistically significant influence on project performance Collaboration is impossible without stakeholder participation, which is crucial to project accomplishment. The project manager sought the participation of stakeholders in the project. This was essential in ensuring that the project outcome satisfied accounting software user needs.

Chung ensured the representation of the needs of every company department in the project’ s implementation. She did so by having each department appoint a task force that represented it in the project. In addition, the contractors who were going to implement the project contributed to the planning process by developing a work breakdown plan that incorporated material specifications, estimated costs, and timeline. Moreover, Chung enhanced the participation of contractors, accounting managers, and departments by organizing a training workshop. This exercise emphasized the need for project participants to share information openly and collaborate. Communication Effective communication is vital to the accomplishment of any project.

Participants cannot collaborate if they are unable to communicate well with one another (Spencer et. al. 2011). This means that communication supports and facilitates collaboration during all project phases. In addition, through communication, the project manager makes team members aware of the project mission, objectives, as well as, directions (Kuen et. al. 2009). Equally, communication is essential in enabling project managers to establish clear lines of command through which team members will air their grievances, as well as, contribute their ideas (Kuen et.

al. 2009). In the case study, the project manager allowed every company department to select a task force that communicated the accounting needs it desired to meet through the new software. Further, contractors were responsible for communicating project specifications, timeline, and cost requirements for the rest of the team. Additionally, the training workshop that Chung organized served as a means of communicating the essence of teamwork among the project participants.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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