Essays on Accounting Information System and Control Procedures to Minimize Company's Threats Case Study

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The paper “ Accounting Information System and Control Procedures to Minimize Company’ s Threats” is an opportune example of a finance & accounting case study. 1. Miller fits with the average fraud perpetrator profile of the general public. This is because the researchers have found similarities between them. All fraud perpetrators commit crimes because of the opportunity to commit crimes, conceal crimes and convert the proceeds. As well, white-collar crime or not according to the findings of researchers the fraud perpetrators commit crime because of financial, emotional, and lifestyle pressures, and they all rationalize their behavior as acceptable moral behavior and see them they are honest human beings.

Miller differs from the characteristics of violent criminals because according to the findings the white-collar criminals are significantly different from violent criminals and the employer does not notify law enforcement authorities of white-collar crime because of loss of reputation and tendency to settle the matter by other means. Therefore in this respect, Miller is different from other categories of fraud perpetrators. As Miller is not prosecuted for his crime and not notified to law enforcement authorities his crimes become undetected. 2.

When working in Associate Communications Miller embezzled funds using various methods of committing fraud. He used his position and trust to commit the crime, he used various methods of concealment to conceal his crime, and by transferring funds to his personal account and balancing the books he was able to get the proceeds of his crime. One approach he used is to circumvent the requirement to have two signatures when he was in the position of CFO when one of the executives was going on vacation leave and asking for his signature on blank checks and transferring funds to his personal account.

To conceal the use of the canceled checks in the bank reconciliation statement and destroying them and posting to a unit’ s expense account to balance the books. 3. The pressure motivated to embezzle was financial as he was using the funds from the current position to finance his past crimes. As well, he was also motivated by his lifestyle and emotions as he likes to live in luxury and to be noticed by others for his spending.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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