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Achieving Personal Goals I have always been a methodical person – in my professional life, my career and especially in achieving personal goals. It is a trait that I have acquired and cultivated since it worked best for me as it complements my capacities as a person. Naturally, my application for MS in Technology Management is a decision that is anchored on this premise. I am preparing to strengthen my capability as a leader in the software engineering field and the technology management program in George Mason University satisfies my needs that will enable me to achieve this end.

Most importantly, I believe that such program is pivotal in the long-term success of my professional and business objectives. I have built an impeccable dossier that lists the extent of my capacity in information technology management work. I have over 17 years of industry experience covering jobs held in 5 multinational companies, including my experiences in founding my two business enterprises. Pursuing a master’s degree in technology management has been on my mind as I started moving up the corporate ladder. But at this point, I would like to cite two recent developments in my career that have finally made me pursue the M. S Technology Management program.

First, I have been recently hired as a Director of Technology at Koniag Services, Inc. and second, I am filling the CEO position of a new company that I, along with two partners, am founding. I believe that these developments have become opportunities that will pave the way for the beginning of the next level in my career path. Koniag Services is a software services provider that caters particularly to the public sector.

We count the Department of National Defense as one of our clients and, in fact, it was in one of their projects where I have encountered some of the most challenging works in my career. I manage a technical team that handles projects that are largely in crises and implements critical enterprise applications under very challenging circumstances. These kinds of work entail liaising and interacting with different teams and agencies which require an intensive knowledge of project management in the context of information technology and the US bureaucracy.

I have to emphasize the importance of this skill because here, we are talking about public projects that involve systems and technological infrastructures that are vital in the secure and efficient communication capability among US states, the National Guard and other government agencies. I have a certificate in project management but I found that it is not enough. My responsibilities at Koniag Services clarify my weaknesses and the need for me to upgrade my technical management expertise not only for my career advancement in this industry but, most importantly, in the acquisition of invaluable insights and perspectives for the success of my new business venture. As previously mentioned, we are establishing a new company, which is called Betterway Technology, Inc.

I would be assuming the role of CEO and I have ambitious plans in furthering our first major product, which is a uniquely developed solution that will address maintenance and logistical issues surrounding property management. Our business plan targets large- or multiple-property managers in a diverse and consolidating industry. My concern is that there are about 105,000 businesses in the United States that manage properties, covering 9.9 million complexes and 16,901 commercial and industrial building operations.

Betterway Technology will operate in the $108 billion Computer Integrated Systems Design industry, in which the average establishment has annual revenues of $5.5 million. The potential is very promising and from where I stand, I could address two issues in this venture by taking the technology management program in George Mason University. First, I could explore more business models and business technologies and identify what solutions fits the needs and objectives of Betterway Technology, Inc.

in relation to our market study now and, henceforth. By interacting with the faculty with their expertise as well as the students with their diverse backgrounds, I expect to gain not just how the market works but also about the competition. I am particularly interested in the population of students including the fact that most of them are employed or have their own companies. This will ensure the diversity required in order for me to learn from different perspectives, knowledge levels and backgrounds. So far, the language that I understand and highly proficient in concerns how to get the job done.

In my view, it is imperative that I understand business strategy and how market forces play in the context of my industry. I intend to make good in my new foray – in launching our new business. I believe in our product and its feasibility and if there is something I have learned from my past entrepreneurial experiences, it is the fact that preparation is significant in each venture. We have an array of supplemental services to be offered and I simply do not want to compromise their potential by starting on the wrong footing.

I know for a fact that organizations fail because of weak leadership, issues regarding marketing and organizational problems. These variables are tied to my role as a CEO for Betterway Technologies, Inc. and its future. I intend to explore and understand each of them in order to further determine how I could formulate strategies and infuse my expertise and personal strengths to establish and position our company.

Needless to say, my thorough education in George Mason University will be one of the keys for me to achieve my career and business goals. I will be working full time and at the same time working on the MS Technology Management program. I hope that this will emphasize the degree of my determination and personal discipline, which I have long maintained, will lead me to success.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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