Essays on Factors Affecting Implementation of Service Excellence at the UAE Federal Government Capstone Project

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The paper "Factors Affecting Implementation of Service Excellence at the UAE Federal Government " is a great example of a management capstone project.   The main objective of this review is to focus on SERVQUAL and Dubai models in relation to understanding the concept of service excellence in the case of the United Arab Emirates. The review is organized in parts. The first part of the review focuses on the definition of the key terms with reference to the two service quality models. Other sections of the review include an illustration of each model, stages of success, the essence of failure, implementation of the failure, and difficulties in the integration of the service quality models. Managers and leaders in the public and private sectors continue to experience substantive pressure to illustrate that their services are customer-focused thus the need for continuous improvement in the performance in relation to delivery.

Since there are constraints in relation to the management and provision of services to the public, it is essential for the relevant government organizations to achieve customer satisfaction in an effective manner (Abili et al, 2013; Al-Maktoum, 2013; Abu-El Samen et al, 2013 & Badri et al, 2005).

The essence of customer satisfaction is essential in the identification of the gaps in relation to service quality. The information is vital in the identification of the diverse cost-effective approaches and mechanisms in closing the services quality gaps as well as prioritization of the gaps to focus on. The approach is also critical to maximize the available opportunities for effective and efficient exploitation of scarce resources. The aim of this research review is to examine the concepts of two critical models: Servqual and Dubai Models in relation to the measurement of services quality with an intention of improving the delivery of services to the individuals in diverse sectors and locations (Bayraktaroglu & Atrek, 2010; Blythe, 2007; Brady & Cronin, 2001).

In order to achieve this aim, the literature review will focus on the previous research elements in relation to the stages of development, effective definition and originalities of the theories, applications, stages of success, and stages of failure as well as comparison between the two models with an objective of determining the most effective approach. Definition & Originality of the Theories There are diverse models in modern society vital in the examination of the excellence or quality of services by the public and private sectors in diverse locations across the globe (Badri et al, 2005).

The aim of this research is to examine the factors with substantive impacts on the implementation of service excellence with reference to the UAE Federal Government (Curry & Sinclair, 2002).


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