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The paper "Adidas Company Innovation" is a perfect example of a business case study.   This report is a critical evaluation of how entrepreneurial innovation serves as an organizational driving force and a sustainable competitive edge in the highly competitive and dynamic market. In this regard, the report explores how such innovations are used to create sustainability, and why they are hard for organizational competitors to overcome and imitate respectively. In particular, the study applies the Adidas Company case study. The organization is a lead market player in the sports apparel industry, where it has emerged as a world well-recognized brand.

Although the market has key and influential competitors such as Puma and Nike, the company has successfully weathered through the competition to create a market reputation and competitiveness (Adidas Company, 2016). This report explores how Adidas Company has applied innovation as a key component for its market competitiveness strategy. Moreover, it evaluates alternative approaches through which the barriers to emulate the company innovation Organisation Innovation The greatest innovation for the Adidas Company was in 2014 when it developed a program to include its employees directly in the formulation of new business designs and products.

This is an approach diverse from other industry players. In this case, rather than just developing employee new product development teams as it the custom, the organization established the Adidas Group Innovation Academy (AGIA) (Phelps, 2016). The academy offers training and to the employees on the changing global market conditions. Upon completion, the employees are required to develop one business ideas of which the ideas are vetted and ranked based on merit to establish the most viable business idea.

This is accredited to the revolutionary business ideas and new products developed by the Adidas Group Company such as the Avenue A initiative that is a three months subscription service exclusively for the female customer base in the global market.


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