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Executive SummaryHigh work stress and de-motivation are the primary causes of problems associated with the administrative staff at Better Business Solutions. Moreover, the inappropriate management attitude that does not believe in implementing progressive measures for the administrative staff, makes the staff feel isolated and singled out. These factors further lead to problems like high turn over rates and information misuse on the part of the employees. Developing a flexible approach towards administrative staff by providing them technological support, making them feel like an important part of the organization and not undermining the importance of their work to the organization can motivate this group to greatly contribute towards day to day functioning of Better Business Solutions.

In addition, implementing various motivational strategies, opening communication channels and recognizing the efforts of the administrative staff are some best practices that the organization can implement to control the problems associated with this work group. IntroductionEffective administration is critical to an organization’s day to day functioning. With the changing facet of work techniques, globalization, expansion and intervention of technology, the expectations from the administrative staff have also changed.

Moreover, the novel work environment has made the role of administrative staff in any organization, more challenging and complex. In this light, it is imperative to keep the administrative staff highly motivated to ensure smooth functioning. The role of administrative managers has also become significant with the change in work techniques. It is essential for the managers of administrative staff to understand the complex interlink between the changing role of administration, the impact of technology on administrative services, legal and ethical issues commonly faced by administrative workers and human resource issues relating to administrative services.

This would enable them to manage the staff effectively, and also keep them committed and motivated. This report analysis the case of Better Business Solutions, where quality of work of the administrative staff is at an all time low due to lack of motivation amongst the employees. Moreover, feeling of isolation, stress and inappropriate management is driving the administrative staff towards absenteeism, abuse of office resources and poor work quality. Various sections of this report discuss the common problems faced by the administrative staff of Better Business Solutions and the plausible solutions to these problems. The problem of high stressHigh stress level is the most common work place issue.

Considering the case of Better Business Solutions, the Director of Administration holds a strong view that the administrative staff hired should already possess the requisite skills and is adverse to the idea of any in- house training. Now, even if administrative staff is apt fully skilled, he or she might take some time to get accustomed to the way of Better Business Solutions works. Subjecting the staff to an on-the job training kind of a situation in a new work environment can make them highly stressed and anxious.

Repeated warnings associated with the daily tasks would further de motivate the worker resulting in loss of interest in the job. Overwhelmed staff is highly vulnerable to loosing confidence and becoming less productive and effective in their work. (http: //www. helpguide. org/mental/work_stress_management. htm)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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