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Your full full November 06, Admission Essay Applicant’s Please write here I have recently applied for transfer admission in an undergraduate program being offered by the University of California, Berkeley. At present, I am a student at Diablo Valley College. I have selected economic as my major course of study. The reason I want to transfer my credits to the University of California is to learn more knowledge about economics in order to prepare for a successful professional career. I believe that a degree in economics from this university will definitely help me achieve my personal and professional goals.

After I graduated from high school, I undertook an internship at Qubit Solution and became interested in economics. My role was to assist the chief of the accounts department in different business activities. Through this work experience, I learned how cash flow relates to the business; more specifically, I learned that every task, particularly products’ supply and demand is associated with economics. After working for several years, my uncle, the CEO of Dusan Solutec, one of construction firms in Korea, suggested me to broaden my knowledge of economics in the United States of America, so I came to California to study economics. University of California is known for its highly qualified faculty not only in field of economics but also in all other courses being offered by the university.

I believe that the university can become a precious part of my educational and professional success by providing me with up to date education in my desired field. It is due to the well-experienced faculty of the university, that I have taken my decision to complete graduation from this university. Through the internship at Qubit Solutec, I was able to expand my view of the global economy.

Moreover, in the Economics and Politics Club at Diablo Valley College, I served as a treasurer. Through my activities, I became strongly interested in studying global economy. I developed a sense of responsibility through my position and improved my communication skills. Currently, I possess basic knowledge of the global economy. I believe that the University of California can provide me with more professional knowledge and opportunities to prepare for a successful career. In college, I sought opportunities to share my knowledge about economics with other people and strengthened my interest in this flourishing field.

I started the “Economics and Politics Club” with other students who had similar interests. Based on my work experience and coursework in economics and business accounting, I became skilled in managing cash effectively. Therefore, I undertook the role of a treasurer. As a treasurer, I had to estimate how much cash we needed for club activities. We conducted club meetings each week and shared viewpoints about economic issues.

Every club members used to bring an article related to economic issues, which we used to discuss with each other. Because each club member had strong interest in economics, we operated effectively as a team. In addition, as a treasurer, my role was to manage the club’s account. Last semester, I managed the cash such that I was able to save a little amount in our account. Through this club activity, I accumulated the knowledge of economic issues, learned how teamwork supported the club, and improved my communication skills.

I believe that my relevant educational and professional background make me a suitable candidate to get admission in the University of California. I would be grateful if the authorities accept my application. I am looking forward to hear from you soon. Please write your name here 06th of November 2011

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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