Essays on Fluctuating Inflations and Zero Inflation Assignment

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The paper "Fluctuating Inflations and Zero Inflation " is an outstanding example of a micro and macroeconomic assignment. Inflation isa rise in price levels over a specified period of time. It’ s the percentage change in the price level from one period of time to the next and varies from country to country. Inflation targeting, therefore, involves the central bank setting a projected rate which it then tries to achieve through the use of interest rates and various monetary tools. It’ s is executed using 5 major steps which include; 1) public announcement of forward-looking medium-term numerical targets for inflation; 2) an institutional commitment to price stability as the primary, long-run goal of monetary policy and to the achievement of the inflation goal; 3) an information inclusive strategy; 4) increased transparency of the monetary policy strategy through communication with the public and the markets about the plans and objectives of monetary policymakers, and 5) increased accountability of the central bank for attaining its inflation objectives. It has proven to have the following social advantages: It’ s not myopic which translates into it using all the available information provided in setting policy instruments that focus on the long-run price stability achievement. It’ s readily comprehended by people consequently highly transparent.

This makes the communication between the government involved, citizens, and the markets. Consequently, future market volatility declines due to a decrease in uncertainty in the future monetary macroeconomic policy movements. In addition, it has the potential to control political debate in a country on what the central banks can do (inflation control), instead of based on that which they cannot alter(Permanentrise in economic development and growth). An advantage of this is a reduction in instances where banks use overly expansionary monetary and fiscal policies to increase output and employment level in the short run, and focusing on long-term strategies on macroeconomic stabilization Inflation targeting in any country is usually consistent with democratic principles, finally it increases transparency and bank accountability.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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