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The paper "Advanced Project Review & Project Plan" is a perfect example of a management assignment. A critical review of the organization in the case study can be done to ensure that there is the best organizational structure, job descriptions, and flow of work, compensation, and work processes. The organization should, therefore, display efficiency, morale, and effectiveness in its operations. In the organization the review is critical (Knutson, & Bitz, 1991, pp. 43). Organizational reviews may be done through various methodologies such as informal reviews, internal formal reviews, or external formal reviews.

In an informal review, the department is tasked with the responsibility of assessing their own structure before presenting their recommended structure to the Human Resources generalist so that he can give feedback and help to implement that feedback. In an internal formal review, Human Resources need to be involved a lot. It should take three months and the steps outlined below must be followed. The first step is requesting an organizational review whereby a department, senior officer, or division sees the need and requests the COS director for a review. The next step is for designing the review team for the organization.

An organizational review team is made of the members of the compensation and organizational services as well as the Human Resources Generalist responsible for the department. In the pre-work stage, the organizational review team holds a meeting with the client to deliberate on the scope and the review guiding principles. The review team of the organization makes the timeline, the surveys, the interview questions, and the communications. The client reviews then edit and do the approval of materials (Haugan 2006, pp.

30). In launching the review the client has to meet the directly affected staff to talk about the review and provide answers to questions being asked. If need be, the review team can attend. The client has to send a formal communication to the identified groups (Kousholt 2007, pp. 56).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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