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The paper "Advancing Career Development" is a wonderful example of an assignment on business. Even though I am a third-year undergraduate student at one of the UK Universities, I already have developed some career aspirations. My major is Business Administration, and that is why I want to develop my future career in this specific field. The more knowledge I gain at the University, the more difficult it is to formulate clear career aspirations, as there many different aspects to consider. However, I have gained some work experience in an international company, and thus, gained some practical knowledge.

Due to my internship, I have developed/improved such skills as time management, communication, and teamwork collaboration. Also, I have gained a better understanding of corporate culture, management, marketing, and data management. I believe that these skills and knowledge might be quite attractive for my potential employer(s), as these specific skills are often listed in vacancies posted. I would like to develop my career in an international company, operating around the world. As an international student, I am used to communicating with diverse people and I really enjoy it.

I perfectly understand that I am quite a “ green” specialist, I am continuously looking for new opportunities and I am eager to learn. In my opinion, a flexible adaptive mind is another important attribute valuable in Multinational corporations. An analytical record of the six lectures on the module given by industry speakers. Lecture 1 Date of Lecture: October 1, 2014 The employer involved: Michelle Butterworth The lecture has provided me with an insight into the whole module. This guidance has improved my understanding of the learning process and made it easier for me to acquire new information.

I really enjoyed this first lecture as it was not some general theory from the textbook but it was practical knowledge. It was partially a psychological session as many issues concerned student’ s personality, rather than some abstract people.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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