Essays on Advantages and Disadvantages of A Supervisor Assignment

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The paper "  Prioritizing Advantages and Disadvantages of A Supervisor" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. Advantages Ranked according to Priority and Rating: Insist on a good performance, and knowledge and reward it (3) Remain fair; always keep your conduct free from favoritism or discrimination (3) Maintain high ethical and normal standards; be a model of integrity (3) Know what is expected of you (3) Be sensitive to feelings, needs, and desires of the people who report to you (3) Hold a regular one-to-one meeting with each employee (2) Work to build relationships and establish a personal network (2) Learn to trust your intuition more than you ever had to before you became a supervisor (2) Remain available to help others; become a great listener (2) Keep your people as fully informed as possible (2) Be willing to ask for help when needed and to ask questions (2) Maintain an active self-education program (2) Remain calm under stress (2) Display self-confidence at all times (2) Defend your employees from hostile people and tormentors (2) Display the courage to make unpopular decisions and see them through (2) Join professional organizations serving your field and attend their meetings (2) Disadvantages Ranked according to Priority and Rating Unwillingness to determine specifically what superiors expect (3) Lack of flexibility in dealing with attitudes, biases, perceptions, emotions, and feelings (3) Lack of assertiveness.

introverts often struggle with leadership roles (3) Failing to maintain technical and management competence and thus not remaining marketable (2) Withholding important information from peers, subordinates, or superiors (2) Becoming a bottleneck rather than a supporter and expediter (2) Striving to be liked rather than respected (0) Unwillingness to pay the price of loneliness, fewer peers, and more stress (0)                       Based on the foregoing advantages and disadvantages, one actually should accept a supervisory position if the responsibilities are deemed consistent with one’ s educational background and experience.

With the challenges and accountabilities expected of a supervisor, one must be fully qualified (education and experience) before a supervisory position is accepted to give justice to what the responsibilities are expected to comply. Professional Development Exercise. From among the traits exhibited by effective supervisors, one strongly believes that the ability to make decisions needs to be improved. The decision-making process requires training in various analytical tools to assist in arriving at the most viable and effective recommendation, from clearly identifying options or alternatives open.

To achieve this, one would pursue additional training through course modules that aim to improve decision-making skills. A more comprehensive orientation on various decision-making approaches needs to be developed and improved. Through case studies and various applications simulated, one would enhance understanding and hone the needed analytical skills needed to improve this trait. Identifying Customers as Internal and External Housekeeping personnel: internal, because housekeeping personnel are placed under Administration where maintenance of cleanliness is deemed an important function for the upkeep of the health care institution) Volunteers (e. g.

hospital auxiliary): external, because the services of these volunteers are not paid and therefore not within the responsibilities of the health institution. Private physicians: internal, as their services and professional expertise are crucial for the survival and success of the health institution. Accrediting agencies (e. g. Joint Commission): external, because it is a health accreditation agency that monitors the performance of health institutions in complying with standards needed in the delivery of health care. Vendor of medical supplies: external, because as suppliers, the people involved are not compensated as salaries by the health institution. Medical insurer (e. g.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield): external, because as insurers, the people involved are not compensated as salaries by the health institution. Ambulance company: external, because their management and jurisdiction for human resources and other assets do not fall within the scope of the health institution. Writing a Policy for Email Use of Personnel MEMO FOR: ALL PERSONNEL OF ABC DEPARTMENT FROM: ABC Supervisor RE: Policy for Email Use DATE: October 7, 2011 Please be advised that effective immediately, the following policies and procedures would govern the use of email by all office personnel initially within the department.

After monitoring the success of this procedure, the policy would then be enforced to all personnel of the entire organization next month. Email correspondences should be made only as they concern to office matters within the stipulated working hours (from 8:00 am to 5:0pm). An internet filtering system is installed in the company’ s database that monitors internet usage and blocks authorized personal use. Any attempts to use the internet outside of the regular course of business would immediately be detected and reported to management. Sanctions and penalties according to the company’ s code of discipline would be imposed for violating this policy. Statement of the purpose/need for policy: The purpose of the policy is to ensure that personnel is not tempted to use office time and the internet for personal use.

The large amounts of time wasted surfing non-business-related websites, personal e-mail sending, or chatting with friends costs the company money in lost productivity. Statement of enforcement: Any infringement detected by the filtering system through a formal report generated after this month would be sanctioned as follows: First attempt – written reminder Second attempt – reprimand Third attempt – warning Fourth attempt – suspension for one week, without pay Fifth attempt – expulsion from work. Everyone is thereby enjoined to adhere to this policy to ensure that all workers are not subjected to losses in productivity and do not cost the company any unnecessary expenses from personal and unauthorized use. For immediate implementation.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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