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The paper "Advantages of Advertising Online" is a great example of a term paper on e-commerce. The advancement in information technology has made revolutionary changes in all the fields of human activity. Modes of learning, entertainment, communications, and business tactics have been re-shaped to cope with the emerging needs of technological development through the utilization of all the available resources. Utilization of the face-book platform by the youth especially people of the age group twenty-five to thirty-four years for the achievement of a variety of tasks and objectives has initiated a wave of decision-making process among the key business players(1).

These business players to make use of the face-book forum for the promotion of sales of their respective products. The business community has initiated the production of their advertisements to cater to the needs of the target groups as are associated with Facebook. The forum has facilitated the top executives of the business organizations to formulate their advertisements in accordance with the needs of the target group to fulfill their needs as on an economical basis(2). Social networking sites including face-book platform are constantly modifying their available options and the advertising companies are accordingly catering to the needs of the customers.

Advertising online has a number of advantages like the provision of interactivity to the participating groups and with the business companies, flexibility in the shape of brand messages, precise targeting the groups based on their sex, age, working classes and regional and national groups(3). Online advertising through marketing decisions by the firms has plenty of advantages for all the stakeholders. There are three primary stakeholders, the target groups in the shape of the community associated with the Facebook platform as the recipients of the advertisements, the business firms, and the advertisement companies.

However, online advertising is also facing criticism; the customers find banner advertising as annoying and intrusive in their existence. The business firms need to analyze the problem by considering its pros and cons and require taking marketing decisions for the promotion of their businesses through e-business and e-marketing techniques(4). Growing trends in information technology including facebook platforms, emerging business techniques and the reforms in the advertising field will serve as a pool of information for the top executives to make marketing decisions for the promotion of their business.

All these steps will help the business firms to pursue their business strategies for the fulfillment of their objectives and the resultant business decisions will assist all the stakeholders to gain the benefits on the win-win basis(5). Case Issues: Social Networking Sites are the platforms for sharing information among the users, videos, photo exchanges among the users, and blogging is the common tool for the flow of information among the facebook community for their mutual benefits.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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