Essays on Advert Strategy for Car Insurance Package Case Study

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The paper “ Advert Strategy for Car Insurance Package” is a  forceful version of the case study on marketing. The main target of the advertisement campaign will be a car insurance product. The company wants to create awareness for the product and specifically to attract the 18-30 age brackets with a generation of greater interest to the product. The $100, 000 budget campaign is supposed to be supported by a combination of strong Unique Selling Points which the boss is not sure the company has at the moment. The boss recommends that we should constrain ourselves to radio advertising which he is convinced is the best in the current environment and he has made suggestions on some particular items that should be part of the advert. The StrategyA mixture of strategies will be used to come up with the ad, they will draw from the best practices in the field while still incorporating creativity and aiming at some level of originality. PriceThe ads should be designed in a way that will aim at reducing the reactions people tend to have upon realizing the cost of a certain product.

The add will be designed in a way that will draw the customer's attention to the benefits that they will get from purchasing the product relative to the investment they will make therein (Du Plessis, Rousseau & Boshoff 2007). This approach has been proven to be a great profit builder. What with clients losing their price sensitivity and feeling they are getting one over the company. We have a great opportunity in that we will be building on the popular Rhoda adverts that appealed to the thrifty clients who wish to have the best value for their money and if possible get rebates (Thompson & Tracy 2011)InfluenceDue to the fact that the company desires an immediate uptake, the ad campaign should not rely entirely on emotions.

It should be an ingenious mix between rationality and emotive appeal. To be successful, the rational part of the campaign will also be made to appear emotive so that the major mood of the campaign is emotional even though the rational message will be gotten through (Heath 2001)AimsThe boss states that the campaign should be aimed at creating awareness about the package.

While this is a noble mission, empirical studies done in the past have tended to prove that this approach bears little if any success. The fault lies in the ‘ softness’ of its objectives. There is a need to sit down and re-strategize and identify the real objectives that we want to achieve for the company. This could be in terms of market share, sales volumes or profit growthWord on the streetIn the past, creative ads that have been able to permeate the street lingo with their catchphrases have been proven to be very successful (Blattberg & Neslin 2007).

Our company had some luck with the ‘ Rhonda’ campaign mostly with the masseuse line of “ Rhonda is mine’ . These catchphrases tend to stick on and are very effective in eliminating price sensitivity. The modern world of the internet and social networking has made this a lucrative ad angle. Once an ad is able to have the people associate with it and build ‘ talk value’ the ad easily becomes viral and gets a life of its own even surpassing the timeframes that had been budgeted for.

This will be one of the major points that the copywriters will be required to excel in (Macrury 2009).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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