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Advertising: Executive Summary: Advertising is an important aspect for the success of any business organization. This is whether the business in the transport, music, retailing, or even in the food and beverages sector. There are different strategies and methods that organizations can use in advertising their products, these strategies cam include the use of the internet, the electronic media such as television and radio stations, and the use of the print media such as newspapers (Wharton, 41). Each of the methods of advertising have their own weaknesses and strengths, and on this note, in choosing an advertising channel, it is important for managers of an organization to look at the various channels that will serve the interests of the organization (Arens, David and Michael, 18).

Blaze Media is a company in the music industry, and it seeks to identify talented musicians, especially those in high school and college institutions. This is for purposes of helping them record their songs, and managing their productions. To achieve success in attracted the right and talented people, blaze media needs to have an effective and good advertising strategy.

This will make people to know the kind of services the company offers. Selection of Group, Process and Strategy: The most important guiding factors in selecting the advertising strategy will be based on the demographics of their target groups, their characteristics, the target group under consideration and the sub groups. It is important to denote that the target group of the company is people who are between the ages of 18, and 40 years. On this note, in choosing an advertisement strategy, the company will have to consider a channel whereby these people can be reached.

The most notable channel is either the internet or the television (Arens, David and Michael, 26). These are the tools in which the company can use to get the highest number of people who can view their advertisements. The demographics of the company is Los Angeles, and the Riverside region. The company can still use the internet and the television to cover this region, and make known of their services. The characteristic of their target group is also an important aspect that the company should look at while developing an advertising strategy.

Their characteristics will guide the company into developing a specific message that has the capability of convincing these people to invest in the company (Arens, David and Michael, 22). For example, the company can choose to use famous musicians and celebrities in advertising their services. This is because the target age-group are always influenced by pop-culture, which is always represented by famous sports personalities. On this basis, the kind of information that will reach the companies audience will be on how the company satisfies certain elements of pop culture.

For example, the company can create a message that it seeks to promote the skills amongst young musicians, for purposes of turning them into stars/ or celebrities. Using these methods would entail appealing to their emotions. This is because most youths normally want to be stars; however, they lack the resources that can turn them into stars. By giving them information that the company has resources to help them into becoming stars, then chances are high that the company might manage to attract highly talented musicians into their label.

On this note, the company will most likely rely on information that creates emotional appeal, as opposed to information that creates logical appeal. Works Cited: Arens, Williams, David Schaefer, and Michael Weigold. M Advertising. Irwin: Mc Graw Hill, 2011. Print. Wharton, Chris. Advertising as culture. Bristol, UK: Intellect, Limited, 2013. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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