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The paper "The Nokia Lumia Advertising " is a good example of a marketing case study. Advertising is a type of communication used by organizations to inform, convince and entertain their prospective consumers into obtaining their commodities or services (O’ Guinn, Allen, Semenik & Scheinbaum, 2014, pg. 9). This essay analyses different adverts as applied by various companies as described below. The Nokia Lumia Ad The Nokia Lumia Ad is effective in marketing the brand to its prospective customers. The ad is obtainable via the link: https: //youtu. be/ezIZjFt80kQ (Behind the lens of a 41MP Nokia Lumia 1020, 2013, n. pg).

I would buy the product because the Nokia’ s new Lumia smartphone ad clearly shows several impressive features, most remarkably a 41 MP imaging sensor that produces video and high-resolution stills The new Nokia ad delves deep into the phone’ s hardware with a virtual outlook within the phone’ s imaging pipeline. The ad shows the entire process of image capture from the opening shutter and light emanating via the lens to the generation of a digital image (Dp Review 2013, n. pg. ). This ad is effective in highlighting the device’ s photography features.

On a scale of 1 – 10, my rating for this ad is 7.5. My liking for the ad is pegged on the strength of the company’ s brand name. Similarly, to many customers, I consider Nokia a better brand in comparison to other phone brands because of the creativity of its ad, and the reliability, and durability Nokia phones provide. The interactive ad for Microsoft created by Millennial Media utilizes the device’ s touchscreen. In the ad, there is a photo showed on a Nokia Lumia 1020, which consumers would zoom and pinch to experience its awesome high-resolution zoom.

In addition, the ad takes customers through an end card where they are enabled to click through to a mobile-optimized landing page and access more information about the product (Dp Review 2013, n. pg. ). The target audience of the ad is basically Windows Phone consumers who are inherently mobile users. This suggests that the mobile-dedicated ad promotion was rolled out entirely to smartphone owners only. To support the main goal of the campaign in raising awareness for the Nokia Lumia 1020, the promotion targeted users on competitors’ devices.

This mainly comprises the firm’ s low-end market. From the ad, it is obvious that its message was to show that the company is inspired by new innovative ideas, which also offer new fun ways for users to interact with its products. There is apparently no hidden message in the ad, but rather the ad communicates the message as implemented by Millennial Media. This ad would feature well in Technology magazines, Communications magazines (Dp Review 2013, n. pg. ). The ad recently featured in the tenth issue of New York’ s Centrefold magazine art scene, with all the imagery of the Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone displayed in different parts of the magazine. The new Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone ad combines ZEISS optics of the highest quality, stunning speed, design, a clear display, which is impeccable for outdoors and powerful software. McDonald’ s “ Pay with Lovin” Campaign McDonald's published a one-minute Super Bowl Commercial to indorse its “ Pay with Lovin” promotion.

The link to this ad is < https: //www. youtube. com/watch? v=HCmh8cBjUeM. > (McDonalds Super Bowl 2015 Commercial Pay with Lovin, 2015). This ad is effective and it will most likely make a prospective customer buy its products because it invokes the customer’ s emotive aspect, which will make them go for its products.

In the ad, an employee describes that the payment of the clients will be some random acts, which show the customers’ love for their friends and family. These haphazard acts of love, comprising expressing love to family and friends verbally, some dance moves or a big family hug, are the payment forms for the selected customers. My rating for the appeal of this ad on a scale of 1-10 is 8.

The ad is appealing because every time the clients perform an act of love, other customers laugh, cheer, and applause the act. During the ad, the text “ McDonald’ s randomly selects customers to Pay with Lovin’ ” twice (McDonalds Super Bowl 2015 Commercial Pay with Lovin, 2015). This emphasizes the aim of this advertisement. The appeals to people as it makes them visit the giant’ s outlets to attempt and get a free meal. Customers swarm in hoping to get their meal paid for and to express their “ acts of love. ”



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