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The paper "Advertising and Promotion" is an outstanding example of an essay on marketing. Advertisements whether seen on print, radio, television and now on the Internet offer myriad ways for consumers to interpret or understand the meaning being conveyed by them (Aaker, 1992; Argyris, 1996; Cameron, 2001; Cook, 2001). To understand the puzzling intentions by advertisers in conveying their message, it will be of value to deconstruct ads from a theoretical point of view. This paper attempts at interpreting three print advertisements and discuss theoretically the meanings being conveyed and the interpretation that consumers may formulate from these ads.

This paper then ends with a short conclusion. Nike Print Ad: Zoom Soldier II Nike products are almost always synonymous with strength, stability, and durability. Over the years, the company has consistently embedded brand image strategy in all its major advertising campaigns. For its Zoom Soldier II basketball shoe ad, Nike once again employed these Star Power tactics with NBA basketball star James Lebron to give personality to its brand. In a minimalist fashion, the larger-than-life Zoom Soldier II shoe is seen seems floating like a feather as Lebron, with two hands outstretched wide open, figures here blowing first the strips of the description of what the brand new shoe offers, and secondly, the shoe up floating in the thin air. The image impresses that Nike is capitalizing on the big idea that the special signature edition of its basketball shoes called Zoom Soldier II is more lightweight than its predecessor the Zoom Soldier I.

The composition and the interplay of the four major layers of the poster from bottom towards the special signature label over the black background looks very bare yet effectively balances the message and the emotional response the ad aims to receive from its audience. The text in the ad reads: “ Nike Zoom Soldier II” is written using bold white letters.

Readability-wise, this is not just easy to the eyes, but it is impressively easy to understand. The font type used is not the conventional type one usually see in most Nike ad but even so, the quirky feel of the font type is not out of place to the brand image that Nike intends to project in this ad – loose, feather-weight nature – as if all it needs to fly in the air is when Lebron blows air above his head.

In sum, the elements employed, from the product concept, message, copywriting, to the visual, the Nike ad for Zoom Soldier II is one of the proofs of the sporting company’ s winning legacy in giving personality to its brand. Asic Print Ad: Gel Kayano 15 Immediately noticeable in this ad is the closed-eyed, relaxed feel projected in the face of the male model who sports a brunette hairstyle.   Consumers are invited to feel the transcendental, peaceful state of the mind and although not in a very obvious way, the witty placing of the brand name just on the upper right corner of the ad with the slogan – “ sound mind.

sound body. ” – very cleverly sums up what the advertiser intends the audience to realize when they purchase the product

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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