Essays on Advertising And Sales Promotion Assignment

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IntroductionMarketing can be defined as an organizational function and a set of processes for communicating, creating, implementing and delivering value to customers and for managing customer-business relationships in a way that will benefit both the organization and the stakeholders involved. Such processes succeed in moving people closer to making a decision to purchase and facilitate a sale. Advertising is part and parcel of marketing strategies. (Baker, 2000)It is a way through which Companies make their products or services known to target customers. In advertising, consumers are persuaded to purchase products or services of a particular organization.

Companies use different media to carry out their advertisements. The choice of media in advertising depends on the target group that a Company wishes to appeal. (Blythe, 2001)They include billboards, internet, newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. This paper will generally handle advertisements in Motorola United Arab Emirates Company. It is an overall review of its advertisements. There is further analysis concerning the Company’s advertising strategy as depicted in the advertisements. (Phillips, 2005)Motorola Company advertisementsMotorola Company is known to deal with various products and services. They include networking systems, mobile phones, micro-processors, embedded systems and tow way radios.

This Company is known to produce a wide variety of mobile phone handsets that also have entertainment bases. (Mark, 2001)This has played a great role in improving the Company’s overall market share. Analysis of this Company’s advertisements shows that it has used different types of advertisements in order to appeal to its target customers. HelloMoto AdvertisementSource; Jonathan, C. (2006): “HelloMoto” Tour UAE introduced by the MotoBus retrieved from www. accessed on 24th May, 2009This is one of the advertisements that Motorola Company used to market its mobile phone handset.

In this advertisement, a bus is covered with a thin paper showing people who are calling their friends using Motorola handset. It is very important to note that the people shown on the paper are young. This shows that the Company targets a large number of young people as compared to other age groups. (Phillips, 2005)The red color used in this advertisement is very bright and appealing to the eye. The bus also has the word ‘HelloMoto’ clearly written and therefore someone could easily notice it from afar.

Analysis of this advertisement shows that young female employees in the UAE Company were highly incorporated in the advertisement. (Phillips, 2005)This shows that the target market for the Company is young people. They were all dressed in red tops and black trousers which are appealing to youths. The Motorola Company employees went around major towns in UAE advertising their mobile phone handset. There was a public address system that was used to inform onlookers and people in the vicinity concerning the Company’s products.

(Phillips, 2005)Analysis of this advertising strategy shows that it was very creative. This is because it was in a position to attract consumers’ attention. This was more so because of the colors that were used. The branding on the Motobus was very clear and therefore potential customers could read from afar. HelloMoto slogan used by the Company in the advertisement is very catchy. (Phillips, 2005)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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