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The paper “ Advertising Campaign for Marketing Degree” is a  thrilling example of a case study on marketing. Adopt Agency is uniquely located to provide the best technology accompanied by appropriate opportunities to present their services and products to a global audience of varying fields and divergent requirements. Our agency is able to produce many types of media that suites varied requirements (Petley 2003). Thus, all strategies that are utilized main aim is to improve ROI for our clients. Moreover, our strategy is strategically designed to benefit the advertiser through the provision of meaningful and relevant placements maximizing budgets allocated. 2.0 Executive SummaryAdvertising is an important aspect that ensures that any organization can present their products to appropriate target markets.

Thus, industry background helps to understand the requirements of the marketing program and illustrates the capabilities and strengths that can be used by Adopt Agency are accomplishing this crucial task. Due to competition, appropriate strategies and well-defined objectives should be in place to ensure that all complications are addressed at hand. Thus, the UniSA portfolio indicates that internal resources can easily accommodate the requirements of a marketing degree but negated by salience nature that the institution utilizes.

However, the entire market is segmented into three groups that will be addressed different through objective formulation and strategies that will be used. The strategies that will be used will ensure that the awareness rate increases by 100% while the application will increase by 15%. Moreover, there is an indicative time frame that the campaign will be carried out accompanied by appropriate estimates of the campaign. Nevertheless, there is also an illustration of a TV storyboard that will be used in developing the media component. 3.0 Review of Marketing Plan 3.1 Industry BackgroundDue to the current increase of competition that is brought about by globalization, companies and institution should employ appropriate strategies that ensure that they survive through the turbulent markets.

This can be achieved through utilizing appropriate measures such as marketing indicated by advertising campaigns (Weinreich 2001). 3.2 Company SnapshotAdopt Agency is an independent Australian advertising agency, which began operation in 1992 and it has branches in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Queensland. It was established by indigenous and young ex-multinational professionals whose main aim is in youth advertising, a factor that is illustrated by the age of the employees.

Some of the departments that are within the Adopt Agency are creative, account management, creative services, research planners and media planners. Due to the capability and capacity to Adopt Agency, it has seen its revenues and market share improve, a factor that can be illustrated by the awards and recognitions that we have received. These awards shows include New York Festivals and Clio Awards. 3.3 Competitive ReviewIn the advertisement industry, competition is a factor that cannot be placed aside.

Different companies possess different capabilities and strategies that aim to fulfill the requirements of their philosophies, vision, and aim. Thus, some companies that we usually compete with and to some extent are the Martins Integrated, Hamilton G Heading Advertising, and ADCORP Australia. Martins Integrated is one of our major competitors offering services ranging from branding to advertising capabilities using 3D. Hamilton G Heading Company, another competitor offers services that range from market research to customer loyalty services.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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