Essays on Analysis of Timberland, Hig, Hallmark Advertisement Case Study

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The paper "Analysis of Timberland, Hig, Hallmark Advertisement" is a good example of marketing coursework. The target markets of this advertisement are young children and their parents/guardians/those related to young children. The demographic details consist of people of all ages. Since the target market/consumers of the service provided are young children, they are always accompanied by their guardians. Therefore, in a way, this ad indirectly also targets the adult population who are in any way connected to young kids. The socio-economic details of the target market would include well to do, middle class and above families which can afford to spend on luxury trips for their children.

Their psychographic details would include an outgoing attitude with a lifestyle inclined towards spending time with family and kids. Is this ad effective? (approximately 200 words): Consider the elements used in the ad e. g., copy, headlines, organisation of advertisement, product or service, mood, colour, movement, sounds, contrast, symbolism, shock value etc This advertisement seems to be quite effective considering the fact that it is both informative as well as persuasive. The advertisement demonstrates in a very unique demonstration of the feature of the service offered, by way of axis diagram and placing timberland on a balancing point in terms of the two major requirements of the target market – outdoors and excitement.

The message has been communicated to the target audience in a very simple and straight forward method. The pictorial representation resorted to definitely appeals and catches the attention of the reader. Also, rather than a plain graph, the advertisement also, in the background, highlights a colourful snap of an adult and a child enjoying together on timberland, adds to the appeal.

Hence, the advertisement moves from being just informative to persuasive too. The colours used are natural colours of a fun-filled day on a children park and very well captures the mood of the population which intends to plan such an outing. Also, the advertisement clearly indicates that it is primarily featuring children and related audience by showing clips of playing child on sand beach. Aspects of the ad/campaign? (approximately 450 words): Please address factors such as (1) background to the ad/campaign, the basis for segmentation e. g.

benefit etc. (2) what is the positioning strategy? (3) what is your opinion, is the function of this ad/campaign? (4) Overall comment on your evaluation of this ad. When analysing the advertisement, it is seen that the segmentation is done on the basis that excitement and outdoors would most easily gel with kids and those related to them is quite appropriate, even though, such a leisure park would be an attractive place for couples too. It is probably well understood that aiming mating couples as their target audience would fetch comparatively lower response.

Also, encouraging the portrayal of both kids and couples would create confusion in the brand position of the product/service. Hence segmenting the market on the basis of age would be beneficial in terms of the clear brand message. The background picture of a father with his son on ‘ Timberland’ integrates the communication which the advertisement aims to generate. Thus, the positioning strategy of the product/service offered is although kids, the same also indirectly targets the parents of such kids who are although not he direct consumers but would definitely form the customer base of ‘ Timberland’ .

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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