Essays on Integrated Marketing Communications for the Largest Australian Online Dating Site RSVP Research Proposal

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The paper “ Integrated Marketing Communications for the Largest Australian Online Dating Site RSVP“ is a  brilliant variant on research proposal on marketing. Marketing communication is the process by which a firm’ s information and its offerings are released to a certain segment of the market. Communication is essential in informing the buyer of the availability of an offering, its unique benefits and where and how to obtain and use the offering (Shimp, 2008). An integrated marketing communication plan is a framework for the development, implementation, and control of the integrated marketing communication program of the organization (Rose, Baranovskis, & Huisman, 2011).

It helps in the evaluation of the current situation of the firm. It is also fundamental in the determination of the role to be played by each element of the promotion mix. It also helps in developing strategies for each element of the promotion mix (Kitchen & Pelsmacker, 2004). The IMC plan enables a firm to plan for the implementation of elements of the promotion mix. Finally, IMC helps in the evaluation of the results from the implementation of the elements of the promotion mix (Paley, 2006).

In this paper, we write an integrated marketing proposal for the RSVP. RSVP is an online dating site (RSVP, 2011). The online dating business is one of the most searched businesses and it is now classified as a mainstream business just like other businesses such as buying a home. BackgroundRSVP is the largest Australian online dating site that was founded in 1997 on Valentine's day (RSVP, 2011). The site has consistently been ranked as the best dating site based on its popularity among the visitors of the site (Rose, Baranovskis, & Huisman, 2011).

The site has over 1.6 million profiles (RSVP, 2011). Joining and browsing the site is free of charge. One of the site’ s best features is the ability to employ a stamp credit system to reply to members via e-mail (Ranchhod & Gurau, 2007). Thus, one is only required to pay for the service if he/she wants to initiate a relationship with another member. The site is well organized and its e-mail and messaging tools are simple to use by its members (RSVP, 2011).

Searching the site is much easier and all attributes required for searching such as filtering out those members who have not signed onto the site for a certain period (Rose, Baranovskis, & Huisman, 2011). The site offers single individuals living in Australia to hook up with a partner online. It is estimated that over 12,000 new members within Australia join the site on a daily basis. The site owners deal with privacy issues in a more professional way. Only members with a complete profile are the ones who can contact another member.

The site holds various events in many parts of Australia (Rose, Baranovskis, & Huisman, 2011). Although the site allows members from other parts of the world to join the site, the site is designed to cater for Australian residents only. The firm has too many adverts on the web, which make it much cluttered. The firm does not offer certain membership, which can allow one to access all members at a single time. RSVP allows individuals to subscribe to the membership that best fits them both financially and their needs.

One of the most famous of membership provided by RSVP is the RSVP platinum service where a member has a personal assistant who can make the first call for him/her (RSVP, 2011). The RSVP gold service provides members with hand-matched introductions, where the firm employs its experience to provide members with matches, which demonstrates the highest level of compatibility in areas, which require long-term relationships.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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