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The paper "The Importance of Advertising Industry" is a great example of a report on marketing. Advertising began in the Christian era. Outdoor signs were used for advertising. Attractive advertisements were painted on the walls. However, advertising became more innovative and in the 1440’ s an invention of a movable-type of advertising which was a printing press was introduced. In the 16th century, a few companies used trademarks which were either of single or double dimensions (Tungate p 24). When advertising becomes a well-known trend in the business world it was extremely costly to advertise nationwide for countries which were underdeveloped at that time apart from this there were little means of transport.

In that time period, even communication was extremely limited. Finally, particular kinds of manufactures came up with the notion of bypass wholesalers, vendors, and making use of catalogs. Advertising was getting more and more innovative and thus in 1870 Mail orders and pamphlets were introduced as an important method of advertising (Dahl p12). By the end of the nineteenth century, the majority of companies started to give their goods brand names.

This brand name became the identification of the goods being marketed (Tungate p30). For along a time customers knew nothing regarding brand names. In the 1880s a few brands came out and they were Ivory, Pears, Sapolio, Colgate, Kirks American Family and Packers. Not long after brands such as Royal baking powder, Quaker oats, Bakers chocolate, Hire's root beer, Regal shoes, and Waterman's pens were nationally advertised. In the early 1900s, the advertising world began to become aware of such brand names as Bon Ami, Wrigley, and Coca-Cola. Following World War 1, the advertising industry developed into a fast-moving industry.

The media and sources of transportation were less costly. The discovery of electricity, gave the advertising industry a new method i. e. illuminated outdoor poster; photoengraving and other modern printing discoveries aided the companies in advertising their products. In the 1920s the radio was invented, this further gave the industry a push towards innovation as from that time on products were marketed by voice, that is through the radio (Belch etal p10)


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