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The paper "Advertising Planning Process" is a great example of a marketing assignment.   Advertising is defined as the process of delivering information about goods, services, and products through the media by funding by an identified sponsor. It is also being strategically creative in the way you deliver information to your customers. For an advertisement to be effective, it has to be well planned. The process of advertising entails several stages; objective setting, budget decision, message and media decisions and the campaign evaluation. Objective setting entails clearly defining the objective of the advertisement in a clear and measurable term.

The benefit of defining the objectives gives a standard upon which the advertiser will evaluate the performance of the advertisement. Generally, advertisement objectives are sales-oriented or communication-oriented. An advertisement may, however, be specific to increase awareness of a product, changing an attitude or giving information about a new product. After setting the objectives, the planning team should come up with a budget for the advertisement. The budget should be realistic and affordable for the company. Once a budget has been prepared and a source for the funds has been established, the team can go ahead to come up with the advertisement message.

The message should be aimed at attracting the target audience and give information at the same time. Creativity is very key in structuring the message for the advertisement. The planning team also needs to plan on the media they will use to make the advertisement. Some factors which are considered are the target audience and the most effective way to reach them. Ones the advertisement period is complete, an evaluation of the same is necessary to measure the effect on sales and communication. This process is however faced with challenges such as the current trends in the advertising forms, the company may not be up to date with the current trends and it, therefore, becomes a challenge to select the most effective media to reach out. (321 words) Question 2: Advertising Code The AANA established a self-regulatory system for advertising by releasing codes which should be followed.

The codes are platform and technology-neutral and evolve and adapt to keep up with consumer expectations. Some of the codes which have been established are; the code of ethics.

These provide an overarching set of principles with which all advertising and marketing communications should comply across all media. It focuses on competitors and consumers. It guides that the advertisement should comply with the state rules, should not be misleading, should not contain a misrepresentation that would ruin the goodwill of competitors. It should also not be discriminatory against any people in the society, should not employ a sexual appeal, and portray violence. This code of ethics protects all kinds of people in the society, the consumers, competitors and also the producers.

The information of this code is important to the advertising team, as it will guide them as they generally plan for their advertisement to ensure they are as per the required standards. Code for advertising for children is designed to ensure advertising to Australian children is primarily according to the prevailing community standards. It guides advertisements whose theme, visuals and language used are primarily to attract children. The code guides that the advertisement should be factual, in that they must not be misleading, ambiguous and should be understandable to children.

It must not also imply that the price of the commodity is within the reach of the family budget. It must also not have any sexual connotation both in language and visuals used. The products advertised to children must have first been declared safe. The advertisers should also not use popular personalities to endorse, promote, or advertise children products. Children are a very sensitive target and these guidelines set a standard in the prevailing moral decay in society as to what reaches the children.

The advertising team needs to be aware of the code in order to ensure quality adverts that will be suitable and appealing to children.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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