Essays on The Advertising Strategy That TOMS Need to Adopt after Considering Their Target Market Case Study

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The paper “ The Advertising Strategy That TOMS Need to Adopt after Considering Their Target Market" is a persuading example of a case study on marketing. Advertising holds an important aspect for all businesses as it helps to spread awareness about the product which helps to develop a pool of loyal customers. While looking to develop advertising strategies the organization has to devise a mechanism through which the brand image improves. This report analyzes the advertising strategy that TOMS need to adopt after considering their target market. In addition to it, the report also analyzes the different advertising medium and campaigns which TOMS look towards implementing.

This will help to understand the media advertisements so that better awareness can be created. On the whole, it will multiply the effectiveness of TOMS and help to improve the brand image. Information about the organizationTOMS is an international brand which provides shoes, eyewear, and other trendier products for customers in the age of 14 to 54 years of age. The company based on quality products has grown its market and has ensured maximum reach.

The company to improve its brand image and awareness is looking to strengthen its advertising mechanism and look towards spreading the name of the brand by developing advertising strategies based on the needs and requirements of the organization. Customer ProfileTOMS looks to attract people of all ages but is predominantly looking towards targeting people based on income and lifestyle. This will help to achieve the required target group of customers who will purchase the products. TOMS, as a result, looks to tap customers between the ages of 18 – 54 years and have developed products suiting their requirements.

To attract customers based on their product offering TOMS has looked towards developing marketing strategies which will help them to decide the different advertising channels which will help them to target the selected customer base. This is as follows Age 18 to 24 years: This section of the targeted population doesn’ t have a very high disposable income but constitutes the major force and has the highest demographics with regard to internet media consumption. This age group looks to gather information from magazines and online sites rather than listening to radios.

People under this age look to use websites to gather information and thereby have to targeted and appealed through technological developments and gadgets (Chen, 2003). Age 25 to 34 years: The media consumption pattern of people belonging to this age group is not very different from those in the age group of 18 to 24 years. People in this age group take the help website to gather information but along with it listens to radio, television and reads a newspaper. People within this age group prefer to purchase products after looking at it through television advertisements.

Since, they have a higher disposable income and will constitute a large portion of TOMS sale so the segment has to be tapped carefully (Chen, 2003). Age 35 – 44 years: People within this age group are mere spectators of websites and are found to use different social networking websites like Facebook. People prefer to use traditional media and based on the different advertisements being broadcast determine their purchasing habits. They look to match people with newer generation but are more likely to read a newspaper and watch television.

TOMS has to look towards developing advertisements which are broadcasted over their preferable option and will thereby help to improve the penetration level in the market (Chen, 2003) Age 45 – 54 years: This segment of the customers uses social media networking sites but don’ t look to participate in social media activities. Instead, they rely on traditional forms of media like newspapers, radio, and television. This segment of the customers have a high purchasing power and is rapidly growing. This provides an opportunity for TOMS to develop an advertising message which becomes effective and helps to target the customers’ towards the product (Chen, 2003).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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