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The paper "Advertisement in the Tourism Industry " is a great example of a Marketing Case Study. The period between 2008 and 2009 had a great impact on trade and global economies following the fallout in the economy across Europe that extended to the entire globe due to the interconnection of the world economy. Australia was also hit by the historic economic crisis in the tourism industry more affected than many other industries. The industry management both in private and public ownership device mechanisms to control the compressed economy.

When there is a high rate of savings within the population, tourism revenue normally goes up. However, in times of economic crises, the industry is influenced negatively demonstrated by fewer numbers of tourists who visit the region. Australia registered a reduced number of tourists. Such situations made the companies adjust their operations timeline to ensure that they gain the competitive advantage of such a time. Some prefer to reduce their charges and others opt to advertise their firms. The paper examines the strategic measures taken, their effects and the influence of advertisements on the organization. Objective The objective is to analyze the ways in which the company may increase returns and the number of tourists in an Australian company.

The company plans to carry out an advertisement to woe members of the most tourist attraction that has faced challenges due to the global economic crisis that has rocked the world. The targeted population is those within the 55+ age bracket. The company has budgeted a total of $100,000 for the campaign. The paper explores the possibilities of whether it is an effective way to boost and create awareness of the brand in the tourism industry.

The paper is an advisory one targeting to see whether it will effectively manage to boost its brand image through the advertisement and the creation of USPs. The relevance of Tourism Brand Campaign The move to sustain the activities of the firm after the global economic crisis is important in the tourism sector. According to the argument raised by, media engagement through the advertisement of the brand is important. Tourism New Zealand has achieved a lot through advertisement, advertising, international PR activity and online marketing.

Social media and online platforms are important advertisement tool and also their effectiveness and efficiency as they reach many people at the same time. Consumer Marketing and Advertisement Consumer marketing skills involve activities such as advertisement, promotion, and online marketing. The method was effective in increasing the number of tourism in New Zealand. In this regard, it could also become effective in the Australian case. The management of them may decide to advertise their brand on such a platform. The technology takes advantage of technological advancement through mobile technology, social media platform and online advertising on their websites. The websites can work effectively as an important medium where the international and local tourists can do their booking and customer feedback reports on their service delivery.

It will make sure that the visitors understand the region well, cultural background and any other relevant information they may find effective and required. The online platform can also be used to carry out satisfactory reports, special travel deals, and information about wine tourism in Australia.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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