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Advertisement Introduction Petley defined an advertisement as something that is written or a shot film that is presented to individuals in the society to promote new or existing products in the market (34). Advertising is a marketing communication applied in businesses to persuade, manipulate, and encourage the readers, listeners, viewers or a specific group of people to continue using products of various companies in the market. The purpose of advertising is to introduce new products in the market and to reassure shareholders and employees that the company or institution is successful.

This paper is going to discuss the advertisements done by Pepsi Company in detail, that is their target market, the appeal used, media and how they choose the personalities used in the advertisements. Target market PepsiCo Inc. is one of the big Companies in the world that deals with food and beverages and therefore their market targets people of all ages since they have a wide variety of products, which include tropicana, lays, quacker, and Gatorade among others. The Company manufactures soda products that targets the teen and children markets and manufactures drinks such as Gatorade that is good for athletic performance hence targeting the athletic and fit markets in the world.

The advertisements done by PepsiCo Inc. uses the famous actors and models such as Rajeev Daswani to get the attention of the people from diverse backgrounds and cultures at the United Arab Emirates. Appeal used The advertisements for PepsiCo are appealing to the individuals involved in athletics as most of them buy beverages from the Company after watching the advertisements on the media. The advertisements for PepsiCo have important messages concerning their products and the effects on human body hence increasing the demands for the products worldwide.

The use of celebrities such as Rajeev Daswani in the advertisements attracts the individuals who admire his character in the movies, modeling career and music hence using the products from PepsiCo to identify with his way of life. The diverse products, which the Company provides that, have different ingredients, gas and fat contents appeals a variety of customers depending with what they prefer in their beverages. Media used The type of media used to advertise products for PepsiCo include outdoor, internet and print media.

Green confirmed that the outdoor advertisements involve displaying the various products to individuals outside their home environments where they view the products on the internet and retail venues (60). The use of models such as Rajeev Daswani on the billboards and street furniture enables individuals to get interested in the products since he is good looking and has an athletic figure that portrays the benefits of using PepsiCo. The internet is an appropriate medium for advertising the products since individuals in the current world are dependent on the technology.

Majority of the customers have mobile phones and computers that enable them to access the internet and use it to know the products that are new in the market by viewing at the pop outs that show the celebrities using the products (Stafford et al. , 35-36). The products can be advertised using magazines and newspapers where the readers can view new brands of beverages and their prices. The televisions and radio broadcasts are appropriate mediums for advertisement since majority of individuals use them for entertainment. Advantages The use of media such as the internet, radio, newspapers and television reaches many individuals in the world since potential customers frequently use them.

The use of celebrities such as Daswani appeals the people who admire his character to buy the products since they want to be associated with him. Disadvantages It is challenging to use other celebrities since some people do not enjoy their films and hence using them in the advertisements discourages other customers from buying the products. Some people in poor countries cannot afford to buy the soft drinks since they are luxuries. Choosing the media and celebrity The media used in the advertisement of PepsiCo is chosen depending with the kind of customers they want to reach in the market of their products.

For instance, the adverts for PepsiCo are displayed when individuals are watching interesting programs on television to ensure they reach many people. Rajeev Daswani is the appropriate model and actor to use in the advertisements for PepsiCo because he is good looking, famous, and has a positive influence on many people in the world. Conclusion Advertising is a marketing strategy that is used to promote goods and services to individuals in the society.

PepsiCo is food and beverage Company that uses various strategies such as the internet, print, television, and radio to ensure their customers are aware of their products in the market. The Company uses celebrities such as Rajeev Daswani in their advertisements whom is good looking and famous musician and actor to appeal more customers to buy their products to be associated with their role model. Works cited Petley, Julian. Advertising. North Mankato, Minn: Smart Apple Media, 2003.

Print. Green, Jen. Advertising. New York: Rosen Central, 2012. Print. Stafford, Marla R, and Ronald J. Faber. Advertising, Promotion, and New Media. Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe, 2005. Print.

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