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The paper "Advertisement Management Project - Media Plus" is an outstanding example of marketing coursework. Media Plus, W.L. L will undertake a campaign project for the development and marketing of a Gulf Business Directory. The project will accomplish the following five specific objectives: To provide a one-stop document for investors, businesses and clients to access information about potential business partners and businesses that provides specific products and services. To influence Media Plus’ target market to utilise the Gulf Business Directory for their personal and businesses use. To provide advertising avenue at a lower cost for smaller businesses. To maximise the advertising mileage of bigger businesses in the Gulf Business Directory. To maximise the clientele base of Media Plus across all types and sizes of businesses in the Gulf Region. The campaign’ s theme is “ BUSINESS CONNECTIVITY” which basically gives the message to businesses, investors and households that advertising in and using the Gulf Business Directory allows them to easily have contact with potential business partners and business establishments.

It offers them easy access to marketing exposure for businesses and access to one-stop contact information for both households and business establishments.

To accentuate the campaign’ s theme, Media Plus will adopt a two-stage campaign approach. The first stage focused on campaigning for the inclusion or advertising of businesses in the Gulf Region in the Gulf Business Directory. The second stage focused on marketing the Gulf Business Directory to its end users namely the households, the investors and the businesses in the Gulf Region. The investors can either be local or international investors. Campaign Approach Rationale The rationale behind the two-stage campaign approach for the launch of the Gulf Business Directory is to ensure that the first stage of the campaign generates the majority of the businesses in the Gulf Region to be included in the directory.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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