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The paper "Exploring Marketing Research" is a great example of a Marketing Case Study. SportUNE is a university sporting precinct that is found in Australia. Due to the variety of facilities and services provided, UNE life has been considered to be the best sports facilities provider in Australia through the sportUNE. At sport tune, a fitness and strength building gym, regular fitness classes and even a racket court will ensure every time spend at sportUNE is done not go to waste. A part of these facilities and services, a well-organized sports club will provide a very competitive sports season.

The environment at sportUNE is friendly as the instructors are highly qualified and always willing to discuss the fitness goals of any person and help the person achieve their goals. Regular fitness classes section of sportUNE can increase its customers due to very many gaps in the market. Hierarchical Levels of Strategy In order to increase the number of customers, sport und must ensure that the regular fitness classes favorably compete and outdo other providers of the same services. SportUNE can achieve this by ensuring the services provided should be of high quality.

Since the products are the ones involved in active completion in the market, the product should be well prepared for the completion. (Cohen, 2009)this can be done by setting up a well-defined hierarchy of strategies. Corporate level At this stage, sport and must ensure that any developments made in ensuring that the services produced in the market should be well coordinated. Every player in the management and production of these services must be involved in the development. The type of activities to be done to improve the income should be well defined to every person taking part.

Since the improvement may require the involvement of other departments, it is important to elaborate on how the departments will collaborate in order to achieve the set goal. (Wood, 2003) Business Unit Level Strategy Since the main objective of sportUNE is to increase the number of customers, the methods to be used are identified in this level of strategy. Other firms that produce the same services should be well studied to identify their strengths and weaknesses and how they can be outdone.

This will help the regular fitness classes in favorably competing in the market. (Wood, 2003) Functional Level Strategy The last stage of strategic plans involves identifying the sources of inputs in the organization. SportUNE should identify where the inputs used in the classes will be acquired. Since the business involves different departments, inputs can be easily exchanged in the departments. The equipment in the gym can be used if needed in the classes. This will determine the formation of other higher strategies. Porter’ s five forces Competition is an evitable part of a business environment.

The success or failure of the business however depends on the strategy used in making sure the business withstands any level of competition provided by the competitors. Porter five forces analysis is a framework to analyse the level of competition within an industry and business strategy development. A combination of the porter five forces that result in a reduction in the overall profitability shows that the industry is unattractive. The change in the forces does not necessarily mean that the every firm will experience a decline in its profits.

In case sportUNE detects a change in these factors, it can apply some of its strategies in order to achieve a high profit than the average profits in the industry. (Cohen, 2009)


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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