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FIRST AGENCY VISITATION FORM Complete the information below: of Agency Visited: Pilando Golf Club and Resort Address of AgencyVisited: Zip: Agency Phone Number: Date(s) and Time(s) of Visitation: Full Name(s) and Job Title(s) of Agency Host(s): Directions: Write a 1-3 page double-spaced paper that describes your perceptions of the agency and your reactions to its services. If applicable, you may compare and/or contrast the visited agency with your Internship agency. Write your paper beginning here: Pilando Golf Resort Pilando Golf Resort is one of the most popular hospitality joints in Hong Kong. Most of the guests check into the facility during lunch hours and at dinner.

There are usually some bookings during lunch hours especially on weekends and during dinner hours. The hotel serves a range of dishes due to the diverse nature of the clientele. Besides serving food to guests and other recreational facilities, the hotel offers golf tournaments to its clientele. My experience at the facility as a volunteer exposed me to the various operations of business and the relations with guests at the facility. The experience at the resort exposed to various processes that relate to businesses.

An important aspect of the business involved the development of a range of strategies including communication skills. Good communication skills are important in handling of the customers. Customers are different are usually relate to workers in different ways. In the hospitality industry, it is necessary for waiters to develop good communication skills in order to attract and retain the clients. Pilando Golf Resort has a very strong work ethic. Workers are usually motivated to provide their best services in order to attract and retain the clientele. The management also helps the workers to develop key skills that are necessary for proper handling of the guests.

Usually, the management handles most of the issues that concern the welfare of the guests. The organizational structure of the resort involves a team of managers at the top, followed by supervisors, and finally the workers. The top-level management usually handles decision-making at the resort. Various departments coordinate to ensure the smooth running of the facility. Some of the departments include customer care department, finance department, planning department, and many others. Each department operates according to the mission and vision of the business.

While serving as a volunteer, I gained important knowledge in the customer service, the preparation of score cards, snacks, drinks, the handling of golf balls, and starting time schedule. The management encourages team spirit and consultation among all workers. Workers with more experience have the duty of guiding interns, volunteers, and freshly employed workers in many cases, the duty of handling problems arising from disagreement with guests are handled at the level of departmental heads. Such a duty involves the development of good working relationships within the departments and an understanding of proper business practices that add value to the business (Mok, Beverly, and Jay 55).

It is also important for the workers to adjust to the different characters of the guests. Some guests can be handled more easily than others. My experience at the hotel helped me to develop the virtues of patience especially when handling the dissatisfied guests. Guests who do not understand the systems of the hotel can get easily dissatisfied and it requires good negotiation skills to help such guests to adjust to the processes.

I encountered such situations a few times but I came to learn that it is a common challenge to the hotel industry. Handling of the guests involves is a process that requires order and method. Pilando Golf resort attracts diverse nature of guests who cut across the ranks of social class and other categories. On this matter, I adopted a language of courtesy that reflected professionalism and other issues at the facilities. Most of the skills that I used during the volunteering period were learnt during my internship at Rey hotel in Hong Kong.

The two hotels are very much similar in various aspects. Both of them are designed to serve both local and international guests. They are busy and popular with people who check-in for business and leisure. The volume of work at the two facilities is also similar because the facilities are generally busy. It is important to consider the fact that most of the issues that connect to the facilities are often articulated in ways that represent the requirements of professionalism.

After my period at the resort, I came to learn about the importance of skill development. Pilando Golf resort has an elaborate program of training the staff at the facility. The hotel carries out periodic training programs that help in the creation of competence and good practices at the work place. Serving as a volunteer exposed me to the practical challenges that are encountered within the hospitality industry. Matters of routine require the coordination of order and a sense of duty on the part of the workers.

Therefore, my service at the resort was important in providing me with the necessary skills for handling various challenges at the work place. My service at the hotel left me with the impression that the facility is an important resource center that can help to groom aspiring professionals within the hotel industry. I believe that I acquired the necessary courage and confidence of handling different guests and coping with the pressure of duty. The experience also exposed me to various problem-solving skills, which I intend to practice in future professional engagements. Works Cited Mok, Connie, Beverly Sparks and Jay Kadampully.

Service Quality Management in Hospitality Tourism and Leisure. London: Routledge, 2013

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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