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Akamai Mortgage is a highly innovative mortgage banking company. Akamai Mortgage Hawaii, Inc. is a Hawaii company that operates on the island of Oahu. The company is licensed in the State of Hawaii to help the mortgage banking community in the Hawaiian Islands and other states in the area. The company introduces various loan products that best suit the clients. The mission of the company is to provide the clients with the most suitable deal available, in an efficient and quick manner. Akamai Mortgage Company has a highly simplified mortgage loan process so that loan approvals are delivered in a matter of minutes, avoiding the industry norm of weeks or months.

A sizeable investment in human and financial resources is committed to accomplish and uphold this goal. Highly sophisticated technological programs steer up the applications, processing, releasing and closing functions. We have named the end result as ‘Premier Service’. Akamai Mortgage provide all sorts of loans including conventional loans, VA home loans, FHA home loans, commercial loans as well as mortgage loans in the to all areas under us. Customers no longer need to be afraid of a business loan or a mortgage home loan.

Borrowers can experience the highly simplified lending strategies for all your loan needs like commercial loans or home loans. Mortgage brokers of Akamai Mortgage will circulate a loan application to lenders in order to find the best and the most attractive terms for the borrower. People can refinance their home loan mortgage if they are of the opinion that their current mortgage rate is too high. Akamai Mortgage Hawaii, Inc. helps the customers by giving them various choices to find the most apt mortgage product, according to their requirements.

We have variety of products to meet the unique requirements of people. The process of securing a mortgage is very simple and straightforward for Akamai Mortgage and we make use of the latest financial tools to enable our customers to make sound financial choices. The company’s goal is to help the customers to select the loan program that completely satisfy their requirements. The company will guide you through the loan processes and accelerate the processes in each and every step.

We are proud to say that we completely eliminate the stress out of the loan processes by properly streamlining the procedure. The company is a leading mortgage company helping real estate buyers as well as owners throughout the State. The company has been helping buyers and homeowners for getting the best rates and mortgage programs and other benefits for the last two decades. We are proud that we are able to offer numerous loan programs with attractive rates for primary, vacation and investment properties. The company’s experience in the field and our dedication to customer service make us the ‘best’ mortgage company for all the borrowers.

We make mortgage loan applying and the subsequent processing very easy and fast. This is a giant leap in which you can let the best and top mortgage company in the area to help you with your mortgage requirements (Jack, Friedman, Jack, C. & Harris, 1993). Borrowers can either apply online, or through a call and can also download our application and fill it and fax it back to us. An expert mortgage loan professional will oversee your loan application and will guide you through the process whether you are in need of a $50,000 Home Equity Line or if you are applying for a 3.5 million loan for your 2nd home. Since our beginning in 1985, we are highly focused on delivering premier service to all our customers from application to loan servicing.

Our dependence on state of the art technology has helped us to achieve our aims and goals. Moreover, the application of leading edge technology has helped us to reduce costs, especially in the loan origination process and other steps.

Significant savings are realized by borrowers who submit their application through the Internet or directly contacting our office. Currently Akamai Mortgage services almost 50,000 loans throughout the nation. We are proud to say that we are able to deliver our service and make mortgage loans available directly in almost all states. One interesting fact is that, currently, Akamai Mortgage has sold less than one percent of the servicing rights on the loans that are acquired or closed. Even though we are not guarantying that we will not sell servicing in the future, our policy and philosophy is that we will not sell servicing.

Likewise our borrowers also do not get periodic notifications which say that payments need to be sent to another entity. A complete awareness of the procedures and policies of the lender creates a good comfort level and satisfaction for our borrowers (Downie, 1974). Since we are an experienced mortgage broker as well as a home equity loan professional, it is highly possible for us to help you in your entire mortgage, refinance, or home equity loan requirements.

If you are looking forward to own a house, consolidate your bills, it can reduce your monthly payments; save yourself from debt; just keep some cash in your pocket, we are here for assisting you. Akamai Mortgage assists you to obtain cash, consolidate all our debts, or help you get your first home by approaching us for a mortgage loan or a refinance loan. We are least bothered of your income or past credit and also would like to help you with your money requirements Coming to the management style of Akamai Mortgage, we are seldom using Total Quality Management for our human resource.

Our immediate competitor however focuses on TQM both for many MBA members and the association. Even though it is clear that TQM will dedicate people within an organization to its goals, we do have well organized campaign without implementing TQM in its actual form. We maintain discipline, and assign and achieve individual and company goals before the expected time. Edward Deming, who is considered as one of the architects of TQM, defines quality as a ‘function of human commitment’.

Otherwise Total quality management is mainly the management of this commitment as a corporate goal. Our staff naturally exhibits a quality of commitment to process innovation. They are well aware when there requires a change in the way we do things. Excess capacity that they have acquired though their experience helps them to handle additional customers or additional volumes more than what our competitors perform even after implementing Total Quality Management. Our policies and services empower individuals who can make the best decisions resulting in customer satisfaction.

Apart from that, our process innovation through which we coordinate different levels of our organization helps us bring out better result and customer satisfaction. Our staff maintains a perfect work flow system without the help of TQM and always brings out their best. Even though we are aware of the fact that better work flow tools can accelerate the processes and quality, our wonderfully managed and coordinated team that is rich in motivation bring out better result. However we could identify few areas where the application of the policies followed by our competitors (with the help of TQM) may help us also in improvement.

For example, in process innovation, users will be able to define and exercise the tools that they require. This may help the users develop the ability to write their own report formats, prepare and design their screens and various other areas where bottom-up innovation will be appreciated. Implementing TQM in our company will involve giving more attention to quality and continuously refining the processes with the help of which our staff can interact well with our customers and colleagues.

TQM in technology is associated with the belief that anything can be made better. Chief technology officers of mortgage banking firms will not find themselves successful in TQM environment if they only react to the requirements of other division for enhancements. They should also check their own departments to find opportunities (for example, migration to new architectures, development of new business opportunities, consideration of nascent technologies and so on). They should be in a position to challenge the other divisions in order to consider their constant requests for funds bringing better result as an overall TQM goal.

It is reasonable to conclude that TQM would demand us to develop various tools that help us to empower our human resource. These tools must be always found under quality microscope and come out in refined form very often. References Downie, L. (1974). Mortgage on America Book. Praeger Publishers. Hooper, G. (2006). Pay Off Your Mortgage in 2 Years. BBC Books. Jack, P., Friedman, Jack, C., & Harris (1993) Keys to Mortgage Financing and Refinancing.

Barrons Educational Series Inc. Schiavone, L. L. (2000) The Reincarnation of Quicken Mortgage Mortgage Banking Journal, 60 (6), 25.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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